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YFA 6095



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The construction of a stone shelter at the summit of Ingleborough is the primary focus of this film. The majority of the shots depict men working carefully on the foundations and walls of the shelter. 

The film begins with a wide shot of the beautiful view of Ingleborough’s summit.  This is followed by men working on the foundations of a building on the summit.  Then there are a series of tighter shots of men from behind and in profile working on the ground. 

The workers use hand tools, and moving on, the beginning formation of the wall can be seen.  A man carefully stacks stones on the wall.  

This is followed by numerous shots showing heavy machinery, including a tractor, which the workmen use to help them construct the shelter.  Two men shake hands warmly in front of the camera.  Then there are a series of shots of wheels turning and slowly moving through mud on the mountain.  A man on crutches gingerly approaches the camera.

The tractor then becomes the centre of attention as a number of the workmen ride in the back.  Next, the men using hand tools to help shape the stone in their structure.

Title – Ingleborough 2373 Ft.

The film closes with a wide shot and some closer angles of the shelter which looks to be almost complete.