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YFA 2611



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A fully dramatised film presented by The British Iron and Steel Federation in the cause of industrial safety, telling the story of two mining friends who set out to climb a mountain in the Dolomites. One of them does not follow safety procedures, which leads him to have an accident and become stranded. In the end he is rescued and vows to always follow safety instructions, especially at his steel works job.

Title - An Interfilm Production in association with The Film Producers Guild

A dramatised film telling a moral story about two industrial workers, one of them is very safety conscious (Sid), and the other takes chances (Harry).

Together they decide to climb a mountain in the Dolomites, while climbing they both get into trouble as Sid is struck by a lightning bolt. As Harry leaves Sid to get help, he falls and gets injured, becoming stranded. Sid recovers and gets down the mountain ok on his own, while a rescue party has to be sent out to recover Harry.

Both back at work at a steel factory, Harry explains through narration how he has realised the importance of safety, especially in the work place, he then briefly goes through the safety rules in a steel works.

Title - Presented by the British Iron and Steel Federation in the cause of Industrial Safety