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NEFA 21602



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This film made by South Shields filmmaker Lilian Wincote looks at a number of locations in the North Pennines where lead mining once took place.

A panning view of a rural landscape with sheep and other wildlife opens the film.

Title: Industrial Landscape

More general views follow of the countryside and children play in a river. Other children are seen riding ponies. A  farmer herds sheep followed by the camera zooming in on a monument or chimney built on the moors. The film cuts to clumps of heather, followed by reflections of trees in a lake. A road sign reads 'Cumbria' cutting to another which read 'Northumberland', and ' County Durham - Wear Valley District'.

More general views follow of the stark moorland landscape, strewn with derelict buildings. Views follow of streams and an old entrance to a lead mine. Shots follow of a terrace of stone built houses and a large wheel attached to a stone building, that is part of the lead mine at Killhope in County Durham.

A sign next to a stone wall reads Bulls Hill cutting to a pub sign the reads 'The Miners Arms' (Medomsley?). General views follow of semi detached houses and gardens, followed by views of stonework in a moorland landscape and a stone chimney with an opening at its base. General views show ponies grazing on the moorland.

Along a road a man drives a red horse drawn cart, then views follow of derelict stone buildings. The film cuts to stone built chimney's or ventilation towers in the landscape followed by a general shots of a stream and rivers. A view of Isaacs Well a stone and iron built fountain at Allenheads in Northumberland.

General views follow of a small stream, possibly associated with mine working, and a stone built dwelling in the landscape. The film cuts to a schoolyard, probably 19th century stone built. Children play outside, a stone tablet on an exterior wall reads, 'Board School 1881'(?) A shot of a sign on a wall which reads Sinderhope (Northumberland) Expedition Centre.

In another village a brass band plays and marches through the streets. The film cuts to show more evidence of ironstone mining in the surrounding moorland, and a large square stone construction.

The film changes to a stone built farmhouse then to the market place in Alston and views around town. Then to Allendale post office, where customers are seen leaving. Views follow of the Kings Head Hotel and the Allendale Hotel. The film cuts to Trinity Methodist Church and then to a view of Allendale library.

Out on remote moorland more views of abandonded mine workings follow and also of a working quarry(?). To end the film more views follow of old stone entrances to mine workings and general views of wildlife, pony trekkers and the landscape.