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YFA 1370



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This is a film of a ceremonial event in Sheffield of a Battalion of the York & Lancaster Regiment – possibly either the 4th Hallamshire or the 12th Sheffield.  The Battalion parade through Sheffield, attend a service at St John’s Church, Ranmoor, and hold a ceremony where they are stationed.  It has been divided into three parts.

Part One (226 ft 8 mins 22 secs)  The film begins with a military march past St John’s Church, Ranmoor, Sheffield.  Pedestrians watch the parade which is headed by a military band.  They are followed by a military unit from what appears to be foreign country, many with medals, followed by veterans marching.  They arrive in a parade ground.  The film switches to the soldiers marching down Church Street in Sheffield city centre, followed by a 52 bus to Ballifield.  A large crowd stands and watches on the side as they turn into Leopold Street.  They stand to attention in front of the Town Hall, from which emerge the Lord Mayor, magistrates, military officers, and other dignitaries.  They stand to attention as the Lord Mayor carries out an inspection.  After this they march back again along the same route and again line up for inspection.

Part Two (356 ft, 13 mins 12 secs)   The second part begins where part one ends, with the Lord Mayor giving an address to the troops and the assembled crowd from the steps of the Town Hall.  They march off again and are next seen being served desert at a special dinner in the Town Hall.  They are joined by some young members of Hallamshire Army Cadet Force.  After they have eaten the Lord Mayor and others give speeches.  Again the soldiers parade in Barkers Pool.  The film switches to show people arriving at St John’s Church in Ranmoor.  This is followed by soldiers marching up Ranmoor Road to the Church.  More dignitaries arrive at the Church, watched by a crowd of children.  They are then seen leaving the Church and the troops march off.

The film switches to another dinner function being held later, with guests arriving in their evening dress.  A young couple greet all the guests as they arrive, and they make their way into the dining hall where there is a display cabinet of trophies and the regimental flag.  The film switches again to show a group of officers waiting in a street.

Part Three (460 ft 17 mins.)  Part Three begins with troops lined up in a field, where a stand has been erected to house the watching dignitaries. An officer stands in the middle of the field with raised sword encircled by regimental flags.  He issues a command which sends two soldiers marching across the field before an inspection of the troops.  The military band strikes up, and the dignitaries and other guests seated in the stand watch the inspection and parade.  The regimental flag is laid over a collection of military drums, and a procession of church ministers gathers around before one of them conducts a service and a ceremony is performed.  The drums are reunited with the military band and the soldiers march around.  The dignitaries depart in their waiting cars, and the troops march off followed by the rest of the guests leaving.  The film finishes showing the flag of The York and Lancaster Regiment (India, Arabia,), with the symbol of the white rose and a tiger.