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YFA 2698

IMPEL 70 (2)


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A film record of Doncaster Week, taken by the Doncaster Cine Club, which concentrates on various displays performed by a motorcycle group and also includes a beauty contest.

The film opens with a close up of a book with a title that reads 'White helmet'. A motorcycle display team make various jumps over ramps positioned in a field. There are then shots of the riders as they jump a car, and views of the crowd who watch from the stands. More tricks are performed; a rider drives through a brick wall, a group of riders stand on one another, riders go backwards, and then there is a competition where a side car rider must place a new wheel on the car, as the motorbike is driven round the field.

A young boy then bites the rope that separates the crowd from the field, before the following shot shows a large formation of riders assembled in a human pyramid of sorts. A jump is then lit on fire, which various riders proceed to jump through. A close up shows the Doncaster coat of arms, which a smaller version of is then handed to a rider. The final shot in this sequence shows the audience applauding.

Various trains are then shown stationary in another field, and some young boys clamber up into the cab, while another boy marks down the train's number.

Inside a long room, people are sitting round various tables while a fashion show takes place; women in typical 1970s fashions walk between the tables showing off their styles. The filmmaker gets shots of the audience who talk excitedly. A woman in a very modern style bikini plays up to the camera moving around before it. Each model holds a card, probably of the designer or clothes line. The show continues with garish and very bold fashions of bright colours and different fabrics. The final shots in this sequence show a woman walking between the tables in a wedding dress and the audience applauding.

A close up of a poster reads 'Air display', and has a picture of several biplanes on it. Cars are admitted to the event. Then there is an exterior shot of airfield building, which has, 'Welcome to Doncaster' written on it. A sweeping pan shows many different planes all parked on the grass. A fire truck is also shown being prepared.

A plane lands and outsteps the 'Doncaster Weekly Queen', who smiles for the camera. The air shows is then underway; the spectators sit on wooden chairs in the grass as some planes are taxied to runway, while others are captured flying overhead. More views show the spectators, some of which have cine cameras. The final shot in this film shows a plane doing a Loop-de-loop.