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IMPEL 70 (1)


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A film record of Doncaster Week, 1970 which was made by the Doncaster Cine Club. The film includes footage of the Doncaster Week Queen competition as well as a procession with themed floats.

Title - Impel 70

Title - A film record of Doncaster week.

Title - Filmed by members of the Doncaster Cine Guild.

The film opens in a hall, where people have gathered round the edges of a room to watch a fashion show. A girl in a green dress comes out first and walks past the camera. The next shot shows the judges table, where four smartly attired people sit marking the competitors. More girls come out wearing typical early 70s fashions; predominantly dresses (short in length) of various designs and fabrics.

A long line of girls then move round the room pacing past the audience. Close up shots shows the some of the judges, including a woman wearing gold jewellery. More girls walk past the judges table, and a man with a red bow tie tells them when to go. A prize is then presented to a girl in a green dress, who collects her runners up prize from one of the judges. There is then a close up of the prizes, which includes two yellow suitcases, a crown and a wrapped present.

The prizes are handed out to the runners up and the Doncaster Week Queen, who puts on her sash before sitting on a gold thrown, while the audience stand behind her. The crown is placed on her head and the audience clap. People then come up to congratulate her.

A band is then captured playing on a stage, and close ups shows the band members playing their various instruments. Back at the judges table, men in suits talk to a girl with a red dress, before more girls file past the camera. The Doncaster Week Princess is crowned and her tiara falls off. The Princess then sits in a purple thrown holding a bouquet of flowers. The last shot in this sequence shows people dancing on a dark dance floor.

From a raised vantage point the filmmaker captures a street in Doncaster, where people have lined up along the pavement. A man wearing traditional tartan regalia talks to a man with two young boys at his side. Floats can be seen in the background as preparations for the parade are underway, and a carriage is unloaded from a trailer with 'Leeds Brewery' stencilled along the side. A shot of a van shows a panel that reads 'Doncaster Evening Post'. A truck with a trailer decked out to look like a Viking ship is then shown, with people dressed as Vikings riding on it. Another smaller truck has 'Doncaster Junior Chamber commerce' written on the side of it.

An old fashioned Rolls Royce drives past the camera with the Doncaster Week Queen riding in the back. Another car with the princess arrives, followed by a marching band and a horse and cart. A marching band moves past the camera, before some army vehicles, including trucks, tanks and one vehicle that carries a rocket, also trundle past. Floats go by with children dressed up in different costumes from history, and one float has a plaque that reads 'Bessacarr and Cantley Youth clubs'. Some other floats include boys dressed in religious garments, a girl dressed as a mermaid on a boat, and a 'Tetley' sponsored Horse and cart.

Shots, which are taken from high above the street, show the police vehicles that lead the procession and the car that carries the Doncaster Week Queen. The filmmaker then captures a brief view of the watching crowds, before more floats pass including a Roman themed float (where two gladiators battle), and another which is designed like the Mayflower ship. Then all the floats from before past beneath, and the filmmaker gets close ups of the parade's. The final sequence shows the Fire brigade, army and nurses, who all pass the crowds.

The next sequence captures an event at a sports ground; a man in a white leotard performs tricks on a trampoline in front of a small crowd. There are rides on cherry pickers, which the filmmaker goes on to get wide views of the event. Tricks with horses follow; a man walks between the horse's legs and the horses then leap over small jumps. A sign for 'the mini squeeze' is shown, and the filmmaker captures shots of crowd gathered around a mini with people inside who are squashed in together. A band then play, and there is a short sequence that shows young boys smashing Pianos with hammers. Morris dancers then give a performance to a crowd, with a violinist providing the music.

The next sequence begins with various shots of the crowds wondering around in typical 1970s wear. People gather around a tank, which has a plaque on it which reads 'Ride, Drive and fly with the Household Cavalry', and kids clamber over the tank. Kids then play with motorbikes, cannons and machine guns. There is then a stand with a banner that reads 'Royal electrical & mechanical engine', and the filmmaker then shows various shots of different engines. Next, a close up of a sign reads 'This is the M. & C. Boom ripper', which appears to be a canon of sorts. The film closes with a shot of a building which has a banner that says 'Impel 70 trade fair exhibition'.