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YFA 3268



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This film documents a Second World War 'Wings for Victory Week' in Ilkley, West Yorkshire. These events were held throughout Britain to help raise money for the War Effort. This event specifically was to help buy aircraft for the RAF. This film is unusual as it has a long sequence where people dressed in Victorian costume perform a waltz to a large crowd.

The film opens in a park and in Ilkley, West Yorkshire and shows men and women in Victorian costume waltzing together. A large crowd of people in dressed in contemporary clothing have gathered to watch them. They continue to slowly waltz around for some time whilst many of the spectators look to the camera.

The film then moves off to show the rest of the event. A group of men chat in front the camera and smoke cigarettes. Behind them are a number of marquees that have been erected to sell things in order to raise some money for items such as food, toys and bric-a-brac. A group of women, dressed in white and wearing tall chef hats, stand at a hotdog stall. They pose and smile for the camera while behind them is a sign advertising the food with a dog drawn on it. An older couple stand in the middle of a closely-gathered group of people. They all smile and pose for the camera.

Many of the other stalls are shown with groups of women standing outside each stall. Many of them are holding 'Sold Out' signs as the event has been a great success. A group of women sand in front the Farm and Garden Produce Stall. A local dignitary (possibly the Mayor) comes to purchase the remaining flowers and produce each of them hold. The filmmaker then shows many of the different groups of people that have gathered for the day, both children and adults. There are a number of women wearing fur coats. Scout and Girl Guide groups are also present and pose together. The Scouts stand in front of a Book Stall, and following this, there is footage of fathers holding carrying their daughters on their shoulders. Girl Guides smile whilst standing in front of a sign which reads 'Pop and Mineral Water'.

In the centre of town, the people in Victorian dress process down the street. The long procession is led by a brass band. The men and women then get together and walk arm in arm in front of a large crowd which has gathered together. The final sequence shows them all back on the park ground where they commence to waltz once more. The camera uses fades as they continue to dance around in front of a crowd of spectators. The final shot shows one of the couples in fancy dress kiss each other in front of the camera before dancing.