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YFA 3323



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Made by Debenham & Co., Beverley, this film documents a War Weapons Week held in Ilkley, West Yorkshire. The celebrations were held in order to raise funds during the Second World War and include footage of the town celebrating as they reached their funding goal followed by a boxing match.

Title - Ilkley War Weapons Week Breaks All Records! Scenes and Incidents filmed on the last day Exclusively for the theatre by Debenham & Co., Beverley.

The film opens with a cardboard cut-out of Churchill, and on the sign it says, "Gives us the tools and we will finish the job."

Men from the local council are seated around a large table in a boardroom. Later, these same men are standing in front of a large fundraising display. Ilkley have reached their target, and a woman paints to the top of a fundraising target board. The total amount raised is £950,850.

A few speeches are made from the small stage, and a large group of people have crowded around for the event. There are a few men in uniform. At the end of the celebration, the crowd sings together and waves to the camera. The group of local dignitaries pose together in front of the podium.

Next there is a boxing match. The stands are packed with spectators, and there are also crowds of people gathered around the boxing ring. Most of the spectators are dressed in winter coats, and there is an announcer commentating on the match. From certain perspectives, houses can be seen in the background. After the first boxing match, the winner raises his gloves in celebration. The announcer rings the bell and a second match begins, and at the end of the event, a woman, standing at a microphone, gives a speech to the audience.

There is a brief scene of at an outdoor swimming pool. A man dives in and floats face down in the water. There are spectators gathered at the sides of the pool, and many of the women have blankets covering their legs.

Next the local dignitaries from the beginning of the film walking arm in arm along a hill. There are large rocks behind them, and there is a shot of Ilkley from the hill top. The men and woman continue to walk towards the camera.

The film closes with a doorman posed next to the Churchill poster. He looks very much like the poster, and he too is smoking a cigar.

Title - The End.