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NEFA 8446



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Billingham Film Unit production of a brief visit to two ICI factories at Billingham and Wilton on Teesside. Records different areas of production and processes including the Plastics Division making Perspex, and the Nylon Division at Billingham. Includes shots of the Synthonia Club grounds and exterior shots of the Wilton works.

Title: I.C.I. on Tees-Side

Title: A brief visit to two factories – Billingham and Wilton.

Views of two concrete cooling towers dominate a landscape of factory buildings, pipes, and steaming chimneys fore grounded by green grass.

There are views of cable driven anhydrite scuttles transporting the mineral, which is mined beneath the ICI Billingham site. Large claw cranes scoop up mouthfuls of the rock. A rusted pipe pumps brine water into a reservoir with reflections of the surrounding industrial buildings shimmering on the water's surface. A low angle view of the Nitram tower follows. Two lorries pull away, a tall silo in the background.

General views of the gas discharging chimneys, a churning chemical vat, rusted pipes, and giant silos. A green locomotive pulls a train of canvas-covered rolling stock out of a warehouse. A ship, the Constantia, is unloaded at Billingham Wharf. There is an architectural view of ICI Plastics Division. Sheets of Perspex are pushed on a trolley by two men.

Architectural view of the Nylon Works building, operated by the Dry Stuffs Division. A freshly mowed green lawn and a bright blue sky contrast with the angular concrete complex.

Men pass the General Stores by foot and on bicycle.

Lunchtime strollers enjoy the greenery on the Synthonia Club’s playing fields. Three women in winter coats walk underneath a netball hoop, as others sit on benches under the trees.

Commentary: “… and the two hundred year old Grange Farm House still stands proudly in the middle of the factory”. A red phone box stands outside the Grange Farm House.

A farmer drives a tractor with metal studded wheels in front of a dilapidated stable building on a Teesside farm in the shadow of ICI Wilton.

There are traveling shots of the ICI Wilton site. A flatbed lorry transports a large piece of industrial equipment. Harmonious music accompanies the scenes of transport and pipe networks. Hundreds of orange barrels are stacked four high. Two great grey spherical tanks sit high on the skyline.

Commentary: “At Wilton, there is faith in the future”.

Title: A Billingham Film
Title: The End