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YFA 190



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This is a film made by Noel Beardsell of an ice skating tournament, possibly in Switzerland, just before the outbreak of the Second World War.

Title – A skating cocktail, mixed by Noel T Beardsell
Intertitle – Take spirit of rhythm and grace

A pair of top skaters performs at a major competition at an outdoor arena – possibly the 1939 European Figure Skating Championship in Davos, Switzerland.

Intertitle – and the "FLAVOUR" of speed and skill.

They continue to perform in front of a large crowd, with snow piled up behind some of the spectators and spread across one side of the ring.

Intertitle – Add a "DASH" of vigour and "it"

The pair is filmed skating quite close up.

Intertitle – With the "SPARKLE" of youth

A girl performs solo to a large applause, and then a woman performs solo.

Intertitle – "SWEETEN" with appreciation, curling

Then comes a solo male performer, followed by several women skating solo.  In the background is an advertisement for St Moritz.

Intertitle – "STIR" 'round and around

Several of the skaters are shown doing twirls.

Intertitle – And there's the perfect TONIC.