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NEFA 13488



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Produced by Turners Film Productions as a record of a summer outing by members of the Northumberland and Durham I.B.P from Durham City to Ingelton, The Buttertubs and Richmond in North Yorkshire in July 1950.

Title: Northumberland and Durham I.B.P. Annual Outing to Ingleton & Richmond July 2nd 1950

The film opens on a crowd of people standing in a street chatting happily. An Armstrong Tours motor bus pulls up and everyone climbs aboard. A phantom bus ride follows through Durham itself and along North Road past the Robin’s Cinema. As they cross Framwellgate Bridge Durham Cathedral can be seen above them in the trees. In the Market Place three men and a woman climb aboard.

Title: Lunch on the Moors

Men and women sit on a grassy moorland hillside eating packed lunches and chatting. A man with a camera takes photographs. Many look at the camera and smile. A man holds up a cup of tea, another opens a bottle.  

At a small kiosk a young man and woman buy blocks of ice cream. Members of the group consume them as they walk along a path beside the river Greta.

Title: To the woods… No-No! Yes-Yes!!! Anyway to the waterfalls at Ingleton

The group continues walking along the trail leading to the waterfall passing through a wooded area, some of the group are still eating their ice creams, others smoke cigarettes. The group stops half-way up a set of concrete steps, turn and look back at the camera some waving.

At the waterfall itself a couple walk around the base. They stand chatting with a younger man with the waterfall in the background. A woman turns and begins to say something to the camera operator.

Title: After a splendid tea at Ingleton we leave for our homeward journey

Title: The Buttertubs provide thrills for all

At Buttertubs Pass in the Yorkshire Dales the group make their way off the road along a track in order to look down into the deep limestone potholes known as The Buttertubs. One man stands on the edge and looks down. On the road three of the group lean over a wooden fence and look down onto a small waterfall cascading into the potholes. One man stands in a pothole up to his shoulders as the others stand around him laughing. The group continues to look around the potholes before making their way along the road back to the bus.

The bus driver and one of the passengers stand posing for the camera at the front of the vehicle chatting, the driver has his left hand over an emblem above the radiator.

At Richmond members of the group walk past the Richmond Obelisk and walk around Market Place making their way into The Richmond Hotel via an alleyway. As he passes a sign for ‘Ale’ a man smiles and pats it. A second man runs past into the alleyway.

Inside the group sit around tables drinking half-pints of beer. Some raise their glasses and say cheers to the camera.

One the men comes back out on to Market Place pretending to be drunk. He knocks into the camera. The camera now at angle the sign above The Richmond Hotel entrance reads ‘Wm. Younger’s Scotch Ales’,.

On board the bus the man continues to pretend to be drunk falling about and being kept upright by his companions. A young couple walk past the bus looking inside.

Title: … disgusting my dear! Disgusting!!

The couple continue walking past the bus.

The film ends again with the driver and one of the passengers posing for the camera at the front of the bus.

Title:… and so we say goodbye to lovely Yorkshire. We are having another outing in the summer – are YOU coming?