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YFA 2030



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A film from the Ibberson family collection, this film documents the wedding of Elizabeth Wood and W. Robert Ibberson in July, 1962. The film contains footage before the wedding and at the reception and good examples of 1960s fashions.

Title - Mr. and Mrs. J. Edward Wood request the pleasure of your company a the marriage of their daughter Elizabeth, with Mr. W. Robert Ibberson, at St. John's Church, Ranmoor, on Sunday, July 21st, 1962 at 12-15 pm and afterwards at the Cutlers' Hall.

The film opens with the wedding invitation as a title card and then shows the groom and groomsmen posing on the steps at his family home. There is a brief shot of Robert and his mother before the groom gets into a car to make his way to the church.

Next the bride and her bridesmaids can be seen at her family home. The bridesmaids are dressed in blue, and the wedding party poses for pictures in the garden. The bride, helped by her father, gets into a car to make her way to the church.

Guests arrive at the church on the sunny, summer day. They are all dressed in 1960s formalwear. The bridal party then enters the church. There is a shot of the order of service followed by the newlyweds exiting the church after the service. Guests follow, and the wedding party poses for pictures outside the church. The newlyweds and wedding guests then make their way to the reception at Cutlers' Hall.

Inside the Hall, guests make their way through the receiving line. This is followed by very good shots of the buffet and the waitresses serving. A display table has been set up for the wedding presents which include: Sheffield cutlery set, teapot, toaster, washing up bowl and utensils, crystal glass wear, coffee percolator, tray, Wedgewood china bowls, picture frames, electric blanket, pair of kitchen scales and an ironing board.

There cameraman captures many of the guests, all seated at tables, enjoying the reception. After dinner, the bride and groom cut the wedding cake using a very ornate Ibberson knife. This is followed by footage taken during the speeches.

After the reception, the bride and groom wash up and prepare to leave. Dressed in different clothing, they make their way out of Cutlers' Hall and into a blue car. Crowds of their guests wave goodbye. The film ends with a brief shot of the Ibberson family in their garden, the footage taken from a different day.