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YFA 4599



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Part of the Ibberson collection, the following film documents a trip Mr. Ibberson made with his father to Germany in April, 1932. The film contains scenic footage of pre-war Germany and the electric railway to Elberfeld.

Title - The Curious Electric Railway to Elberfeld

The film opens with a shot of the electric train. The train runs on an elevated track, hanging high above the roads and countryside. The Ibbersons follow the route of the train, and footage is taken from the front of their car. There is a brief scene during which two men stand outside of a newsagent's. One of the men, wearing a bowler hat, walks away carrying a newspaper from the stand.

Title - Homeward bound Dusseldorf Air Port

Mr. Ibberson Senior, the man with the newspaper, and a little girl walk towards the camera. They are then seen standing next to the plane. There is a brief shot of the pilot wearing a leather hat and goggles before footage of Mr. Ibberson and his father standing by the plane with the little girl.

The rest of the film consists of aerial footage taken from the plane as the Ibbersons make their journey back home. The locations are identified by the intertitles which precede the footage.

Title - Kolh to Bruxelles some low flying in the teeth of the gale.

Title - Starting the engines at Bruxelles for the last lap

In addition to the footage taken from the air, there is also a man winding the plane's propellers at Bruxelles before take-off.

Title - Dunkerque
Title - The White Cliffs of Dover
Title - Maidstone
Title - Cryodon