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YFA 2014



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Part of the Ibberson collection, the following film documents a trip Mr. Ibberson made with his father to Germany in 1932. The film contains scenic footage of pre-war Germany as well as campaign signs for the Nazi and Communist parties.

Title - To Germany And Back By Air April 1932

The film begins at Imperial Airways. There is a shot of a car parked by the entrance.

Title - Croydon Air Port The S.A.B.E.N.A (Belgian) Air Liner which took us to Bruxelles in 1 hr. 40 mins.

Passengers board the small plane, and there is a shot of the control tower.

Title - Off We Go

Footage is taken from inside the plane as it makes its way down the runway and takes off. This is followed by aerial shots of southern England.

Title - The Coast

Aerial footage of the coast, and a boat can be seen in the water.

Title - Goodwin Sands

Again, there is more footage taken from the plane, and this time one of the wings can be seen in shot.

Title - Silhouette of a Snoozer

One of the passengers is asleep on the plane.

Title - The coast of France near Calais

There is footage of the coast of France as they fly overhead. Much of the countryside can also be seen as they continue on their journey.

Title - The Air Port of Bruxelles

The airport is visible as the plane comes in for a landing. There is a brief shot of Mr. Ibberson Senior as he walks away from the plane which is followed by a brief scene of the exterior of the airport.

Title - In the Buffet

Inside there is a man behind a bar. Mr. Ibberson Senior then comes back out of the buffet, wiping his mouth with his hand and smiling at the camera. He the makes his way back towards the plane to continue the journey.

Title - An hour later Koln

Again, there is footage taken from inside the plane as it approaches Koln, Germany and comes in for a landing. This is followed by scenes of the exterior of the airport.

Title - A 14 Seater German Luft Hansa All Metal Monoplane on the Koln to Paris Service

There is shot of the plane identified in the intertitle as it takes off from the airport.

Title - Rhineland

Aerial footage of the Rhineland as the plane passes overhead including many of the boats in the river.

Title- Oh, those German beds!

Mr. Ibberson is lying in bed, presumably at their hotel, and he waves at the camera.

Title - Passers by in Dusseldorf

On the streets of Dusseldorf, locals of all ages pass by on the sidewalk, and traffic can also be seen in the background.

Title - The Bahnhof Hotel

There is a shot of the exterior of the Bahnof Hotel and the surrounding area in the city.

Title - Architectural Modern Art at Leverkusen

The building is very tall in comparison to the surrounding buildings, and footage is taken from different angles.

Title - Election Slogans Hitler Is Our Saviour Hitler Will Win

A pro-Nazi campaign poster can be seen on the side of a building.

Title - Vote for Thalmann (Communist Slogans)

Communist graffiti has been painted on the side of a building.

Title - A graceful suspension bridge has taken the place of the old bridge of boats across the Rhine at Koln

There is a shot of the suspension bridge, and a tram can be seen crossing over the bridge.

Title - A turret restaurant overlooking the river

The circular observation deck of the restaurant can be seen, and there are some people who are walking nearby the restaurant and river. A bridge and part of the city skyline can be seen in the background.

Title - The Great Cathedral

There are external shots of the huge cathedral as well as the city streets and buildings surrounding it.

Title - A fine display of cutlery

The Ibberson's cutlery is displayed in a local shop window.

Title - A hideous statue of Bismarck

The statue is briefly shown.

Title - Beethovens' birthplace at Bonn

The Ibberson visits Beethoven's birth place. This is followed by more scenes of pre-war Germany including boys in a row boat, a paddle steamer and working barges. Mr. Ibberson Senior stands with two men aboard the Rhine cruiser.

Title - The view from the Hotel Petersburg

The filmmaker captures the countryside of the Rhineland - the view from the hotel.

Title - Dusseldorf the new Apollo Theatre by night

The front of the Apollo is lit up in the night.

Title - Solingen

There are shots of the city streets of pre-war Solingen which are quite narrow and lined with medieval buildings. Pedestrians make their way through the streets, and a tram makes its way down one of the roads.

Additional Information: In March 1932, presidential elections pitted the incumbent Field Marshall Hindenburg, supported by pro-republican parties, against Hitler and the Communist candidate Ernst Thälmann. Hitler gained roughly a third of the vote but was defeated in the second round in April by Hindenburg.