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YFA 2032



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Part of the Ibberson Collection, this film features family outings to the seaside in the early 1930s as well as leisure time at home.

The film opens with a boy at the seaside. He is holding an inner tube. The family then make their way down to be beach at Filey. Mr. Ibberson attempts to put up a beach hut on the sands at Filey. The film provides a very good example of a day out at the seaside in the early 1930s. There are shots of beach fashion including all in one costumes and robes. One of the older men has a beach toy (a blow up spotty sea monster) which uses to playfully "attack" the children. The children and adults then play in the water. Billy Ibberson and his young bride playing together on the beach.

In the next portion of the film, the family eat their picnic on the beach. They are sitting in folding chairs arranged on the sand. The young boys are wearing blazers to build sandcastles, and the adults have changed out of their swimming costumes. Later, the children go on donkey rides on the beach.

There is a brief shot of two boys running around a car which is parked in the drive.

Following this is footage of four older people taking a leisurely walk around the garden. The elderly man walks with the aid of a cane.

The next sequence is the family playing in the garden. A few of the family members play up for the camera. Mr. Ibberson senior in the garden, dressed in a suit. The young couple are being introduced to a member of the clergy in robes. The garden is in bloom. Young Billy Ibberson walks his fianc?e around the garden; good example of period fashion.

The film closes with a shot of an unidentified cathedral.