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Part of the Ibberson Collection, this film documents events which took place in 1955 including the launch of the S.S. 'Stanvac Australia' at Clydebank as well as the Whit Monday celebrations in Sheffield.

Title - We visit the High Sheriff, of Nottinghamshire, Sir Stuart C. Goodwin and Lady Goodwin at Hexgreave Manor, 24th April 1955

The Master Cutler, Billy Ibberson, and his wife visit the High Sheriff of Nottingham at Hexgreave Manor. There are exterior shots of the estate as well as the surrounding grounds. Mrs. Ibberson tours the gardens with the Sheriff and his wife. There is also livestock which graze on the estate property. They then make their way down a country road to barn where pigs and cows are housed. This is followed by a brief shot of the village taken from the passenger seat of a car.

Title - Parade of the Sheffield Sea Cadet Corps at Loxley House Sunday, 8th May 1955

There is a shot of an exterior of the house, and cadets begin to gather. Mr. Ibberson arrives. Shots are taken from a balcony, and the cadets can be seen marching information. Included is the marching band made up of instruments including drums and pipes. The cadets are then introduced to the Mayor and the Master Cutler (some under exposure). More shots from ground level show young boys and girls marching and playing.

Title - At "The Stocks" Little Longstone 15th May, 1955

A man and a small child walk down the steps at a stone cottage. There are more people gathered around touring the grounds.

Title - The Master of the Armourers' & Brasiers' Company Claud E.C. Pontifex

Claud walks along the side of a river. There is a small bridge in the background.

Title - Sheffield Corporation Parks Department Nurseries, Norton 19th May 1955

Next shot is of Sheffield Parks Department nurseries. The greenhouses are full of beautiful, colour flowers in full bloom. Mrs. Ibberson views the blooms.

Title - Launch of the S.S. 'Stanvac Australia' Clydebank 24th May, 1955

Near the John Brown & Co shipyard, the ship is docked at Clydebank (Scotland.) There are various shots of the ship and shipyard including footage of the giant propellers at the back of the ship. There is then a ceremony to celebrate the launch of the ship. (Under exposure.)

Title - Mrs. Prioleaux performs the ceremony

Mrs. Prioleaux makes a speech from a raised platform before cutting a rope to launch the ship. The ship rolls into the water, and the crowds cheers the event. The captain of the boat navigates the Stanvac out of the harbour with a steam tug. The crowds run to watch. There is extensive footage of the launch and docks.

Title - Inauguration of the first Air Coach Tour to Switzerland at Ringway Sunday 29th May, 1955

There is a shot of the Air Kruise plane as passengers make their way on board. A few men stand and pose for the camera before the plane takes off.

Title - Whit Monday 30th May 1955 Hymn singing and a Parade of Sunday School Queens and Captains

At a park in Sheffield, crowds are gathering to take part in the parade and festivities. All are children in costume. The Sunday School kings and queens parade in their costumes. There is a brass band being conducted by a man on a raise platform. The Queen makes a speech to the large crowd of spectators gathered, many of whom are seating on the grassy hills of the park. The procession takes place.

Title - The University of Sheffield Jubilee Charter Day 31st May, 1955 Presentation of an Address of Congratulations and Greetings from the Cutlers' Company to the Chancellor, Lord Halifax at the Cutlers' Hall

B&W - A procession local dignitaries enter the Cutlers' Hall. Mr. Ibberson, the Master Cutler, makes a speech and presents Lord Halifax with a gift. He then makes a speech to the dignitaries which are gathered in the hall.

Title - The Procession to the Cathedral.

Colour - The civic procession makes its way to the Cathedral. They process through the streets of Sheffield on this sunny day. Making up the procession are members of the University and local Masons, the Mayor, and other local dignitaries. The film closes with an exterior shot of the Cathedral.