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YFA 2031



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Part of the Ibberson family collection, this film shows a series of events which took place in 1955 including various civic ceremonies. The film is made up of a combination of black and white and colour footage.

Title - Picnic in the Dukeries en route for London 31st May 1955

The film opens with the Ibbersons seated on blankets laid out on the grass where they enjoy their picnic. The wooded landscape can be seen around them.

Title - The Railway Strike caused a traffic jam in Stamford

There is a queue of cars held up in the city centre, and the images are filmed from the point of view of the front passenger seat of the car.

Title - At Whinfell, Whirlow, the home of the High Sheriff of Yorkshire, Col. F.A. Neill and Mrs. Neill

Mrs. Ibberson, the High Sheriff and his wife walk around the gardens of their estate. The colourful flowers are in full bloom on this sunny day.

Title - Rain cancelled the Lord Mayor's procession to the Cathedral for the Annual Civic Service Sunday 12th June, 1955

B&W - There are dignitaries who process through the centre of Sheffield. A bus can be seen in the background on this rainy day. Many of them are dressed in traditional robes and wigs while other members of the procession are in suits. There is a shot of the Mayor's car driving away through the streets of Sheffield. This is followed by a large group of nurses who leave the Cathedral. Also included in the procession are current and ex-servicemen and women. The footage provides good examples of the types of uniforms worn at this time.

Title - On the way to the Ecclesall Church Garden Party at Banner Cross Hall. Saturday, 18th June 1955

Colour - The Ibbersons get into a car parked on the road. Following this is a brief scene of the festive garden party.

Title - Assizes for Sheffield at last - arrivals at the Courts on the Inaugural Day 23rd June, 1955

There are shots of the crowds waiting, with the Co-operative Store in the background, as the great and good of Sheffield arrive. The Mayoral party are wearing chains, top hats, and other traditional costume. Crowds line the city streets to watch the dignitaries arrive.

Title - The Lord Chief Justice of Great Britain, Lord Goddard with the Lord Lieutenant, the Earl of Scarbrough [sic]

The Lord Chief Justice of Britain arrives with the Lord Lieutenant the Earl of Scarborough. They both get out of a car and make their way into the building. (Slight under exposure).

Title - Works Fire Services Annual Competition in Endcliffe Park, 25th June 1955

This sequence shows firemen from the Ibberson works involved in competitions which take place in Endcliffe Park. There are shots of various exercises involved with fire extinguishing, and crowds of people watch the competitions from the side-lines. The fire engines are small and red. Mrs Ibberson then presents the prizes to the winning teams.

Title - First "Assize" Sunday 26th June, 1955. The Procession from the Town Hall to the Cathedral

There is a procession from the Town Hall to the cathedral. The procession includes brass bands, policemen, servicemen, masons, clergy, mounted service men and academics, with shops and buildings in the background. The procession is filmed from a few different angles.

Title - The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Goddard, was accompanied by Lord Scarbrough [sic], Mr. Justice Hallett and Mr. Justice Sachs

The Lord Justice, wearing wig and full ceremonial dress, inspects troops. The procession continues, and the film shows crowds and participants. They then make their way into the building followed by the troops. Back in the streets of Sheffield, the procession continues. There is a brass band playing as the procession walks along the tram tracks on the street. Some of the procession participants nod to the camera, and various shop fronts can be seen in the background.

Title - Distribution of the Hanbey Charity, 27th June 1955, in the Hadfield Hall and the Procession to the Cathedral Service

(Black and white and under exposed.) The Ibbersons present the charity money to members of the Charity.

The film ends with a colour scene of the Ibbersons, along with the Civic party and those aided by the work of Hanbey Charity, processing to the Cathedral.