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YFA 1987



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Part of the Ibberson collection, this is an amateur film that captures the filmmaker's family, the area where they lived in Sheffield, holidays at the seaside, and V.E. Day celebrations.

The film opens at Stanton Woodhouse, Prestatyn in Wales, two children play at a stream before the family go for a walk in the countryside. A man using a horse drawn plough can be seen tending to the fields in the background. At a farmyard a little boy rides a three-wheeler bike in a yard, and the three Ibberson boys feed lambs from a bottle. Back at the farmhouse, people ride their bicycles down a lane near the house, and the boys play outside.

The action then moves to the sea where family shots paddling at the seaside. Members of the Ibberson family play in the water playing ring-around-the-rosie and splashing about. The children go onto ride donkeys and stop to pose for the camera. Later the boys play in the sand on the beach.

Next, Mrs. Ibberson pushes her sons on the swing set, and a steam train can be seen passing in the background. This is followed by more footage of the family at the beach, playing in the sand, running towards the camera, and the boys playing in the water with their father.

The next sequence is of various family scenes in a garden, outside a church, and a building with bunting. The Ibberson's building is decorated in Sheffield city centre, and there is a brief shot of a double-decker bus going down a Sheffield street. This is followed by shots of people in a wood having a picnic.

At night there illuminations that are slightly underexposed. In the filmmaker's garden, children play. They first sit together on a bench, posing for the camera before forming a line and dancing around the garden. Next, Mr. Ibberson and his wife come out into the garden. He is formally dressed, and she is wearing an evening gown. As they approach the camera, they give the victory sign as they get ready for the Victory Ball. The film closes in the town and shows a static water tank (A.R.P.) being emptied in Broad Lane and children are playing in the water gushing over the road.