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Part of the Ibberson Collection, this film documents a number of events which take place in 1959 including an annual sports day and awards ceremony at St. Peter's School in York as well as the presentation of the British Empire Medal to William Thackray.

Title - Crossgates Chronicles 1959 The Augustines cross the Snake. 25th January

One of the Ibberson boys stands with a man and woman on the side of a road against a snowy landscape.

Title - Lent Bumps. Cambridge, 28th February

Rowing teams participate in boat races on the river in Cambridge. There is a brief shot of one of the Ibberson boys on a motorcycle. This is followed by two of the boys powerwalking and then sawing wood in the back yard. One of the boys shows off his jump rope skills.

Title - The Lord Lieutenant of Yorkshire, the Earl of Scarbrough [sic], K.G. visits the works of George Ibberson & Company, representing H.M. the Queen to decorate William Thackray with the British Empire Medal. 20th April

There are exterior shots of the factory with people waiting for the Lord Lieutenant. He arrives in a grand car and is greeted by Mr. Ibberson. The dignitaries enter the works, and speeches are made. Mr. Thackery receives his medal, and there is a large Union Jack flag displayed as a backdrop. Workmates admire the medal, and the Lord Lieutenant's party leaves the works.

Title - Whitsuntide - 29th Montgomery Scout Camp at Barlow

Tents are set up at the scout camp which is a wooded area.

Title - Degree Day Emmanuel College, Cambridge. 27th June.

The graduates are gathered in rows in front of one of the college buildings. Here they pose for their official class picture. They then mingle with members of the class as well as with family members. Robert Ibberson can be seen.

Title - The Senate House

There are shots of the exterior of the Senate house. Those attending the graduation, students and family members, are gathered in the courtyard chatting.

Title - 5th July Rob completes his flying visit to Sheffield

Robert washes the front of his car window. Then he and his mother walk around the back garden admiring the landscaping. This is followed by a shot of an airport where a plane is waiting on the runway. A group of people are gathered at the side of the runway. Most of them are on bicycles despite the large sign which reads, "No Bicycles Allowed."

Title - To Scarborough for our Silver Wedding Anniversary 7th July

Mrs. Ibberson stands on top of a hill which overlooks the bay and outdoor swimming pool in Scarborough. There is a brief shot making their way up on one of the trams.

Title - Westbourne Preparatory School Sports Day 10th July - Whitfield win the Inter-House Relay Race

Boys take place in a foot race, and this is followed by a relay race. Many spectators are gathered, and at the end is an awards ceremony.

Title - Andrew Baker receives the Long Jump Cup

Andrew is presented with a trophy.

Title - Henry, Captain of Whitfield and Andrew, Vice-Captain receive the Woodhead Cup

Henry Ibberson and his teammate, Andrew, receive a trophy.

Title - Andrew - Victor Ludorum

Andrew receives another trophy.

Title - Whitfield again! The Behn Challenge Cup

Again, Henry and Andrew go up to receive a trophy.

Title - Aftermath

The crowd which has gathered for the sports day begins to disperse while some of the students and faculty clear up.

Title - 12th July. The Rotary Club's International Camp

Many flags have been set up and are seen waving in the wind. This is followed by boys who examine a glider before it takes flight on this windy day.

Title - Westborune School Prize Day, 22nd July

The students of St. Peter's school, as well as family members, have gathered for the awards ceremony. Family members are seated on wooden, folding chairs while the students sit on the grass.

Title - Anthony Phillip is awarded the VIa Prize
Title - Andrew Baker the VIb Prize
Title - Michael A. Hartley, the IV Form Prize
Title - John P.R. Hartley, the VI Form Classical Prize
Title - M. Henry Ibberson, the Staff Improvement Prize, Senior School
Title - Nicholas Tudor, the Staff Improvement Prize, Junior School Battersby Cup
Title - Ibberson (Capt.) and Baker (Vice-Capt.) receive the Singing Cup for Whitfield
Title - And the Cricket Cup
Title - Back they go for the House Shield

Each intertitle is followed by the student named receiving his award. The crowd applauds for each award announced. The film ends with a shot of the audience as the boys make their way back into one of the school buildings at St. Peter's preparatory school, York.