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YFA 5709



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This is one of a collection of films made by members of the Selby Cine Club. This film shows a man making a ship in a bottle. 

Title – Selby Cine Club Presents:  I Name This Ship

A man sits reading a book, ‘Ships in Bottles’, by J P Loudes and R M Biggs.  He then proceeds demonstrate how to make a ship in a bottle.  He starts from scratch using wood, a chisel, sandpaper, glue and paint.  The first part he makes is the hull of the ship, and then the mast follows.  He cuts cloth for the sails and cotton for the rigging.  He glues it all together and paints the inside of a bottle with a small brush attached to a stick.  Then, through stop motion animation, a small man pulls the ship into the bottle.

Title – The End