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YFA 3168



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An amateur film from the Hamilton collection, this film contains footage of a South Yorkshire Family at home together. There is footage of the family joking around in their home and footage from a Christmas party.

Title-I am the one and only…

The film opens with a diagram of several heads and then cuts to shots in a very dark room where a young man is making faces at the camera and turning his head to one side and then the other. He holds up a sign which reads `I am the one and only’.

The next scene opens with a hand holding a small, toy revolver. The man from the previous scene is standing in front of a mirror. He puts on a Stetson and turns around to face the camera. There is a point of view shot from the gunman, as the gun is being held in front of the camera. The man is shot and falls down holding his stomach and blood coming out of his mouth.

The young man walks along a residential street and sticks his tongue out at the camera. In the next scene, members of the family hold drinks up to toast the camera and then have a sip. The mother (?) admires the Christmas tree and then pets the dog.

Following this are shots of the sons standing outside petting the dog, a man inside playing with the dog and another man doing karate moves in front of the camera.

Some adults and children play ball in a park and then pose for the camera. Then they are on beach; the children have donkey rides while the adults walk along beside them.

The mother stands in front of a mirror and brushes her hair. A young woman, probably her daughter/daughter-in-law, comes up to her and they both smile at the camera.  Then another man puts a curler in her hair and they have a little dance and this is followed by the young woman dancing for the camera.

In a house lots of family members have gathered for Christmas. A group of young men sit on a sofa with babies and the camera pans around to show the guests holding children, watching television and having drinks. The toddlers sit at another table with Christmas hats on. The final shot is of a decorated Christmas tree.