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YFA 5952



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This is one of many films made by amateur filmmaker John (Jack) E Dyson of Leeds.  This shows the effects of a severe gale in Harewood, Harrogate and Armley that hit South and West Yorkshire on 16th February,1962.

The film opens with footage of a local street, showing many trees that have been felled by gale force winds.  There is a set of windows from the side of a building that has been blown onto a lawn.  There is a greenhouse without any glass, and farm buildings severely damaged by the gale.  A house is shown without a roof, and there is a sign in front of St George’s Church in Armley stating, “£20,000 needed for repair – storm damage,” followed by another sign saying, “St George’s Crypt – open as usual.”  The damage to the tower of the church is shown.  There are also images of scaffolding which has been blown askew on a high rise building.  A roof is shown half way off a house with some pieces of the roof which have fallen to the ground.