Film ID:
NEFA 22280



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An amateur film made by Alan Quinn that documents an event at the Huntley Well Social Club at Winlaton Mill.

The film opens with a view of the club bar. A man is served drinks, as others drink and chat nearby. The barman shakes hands with customers and kisses the barmaid and another woman who joins them. Group portrait of everyone at the bar. One woman kisses a few of the men.

A presentation is made on the stage. A woman stands on stage holding a bunch of flowers wrapped in paper. The man holding the presentation box speaks into a microphone. The man and woman both pose for the camera.

People of all ages are dancing. Close-ups follow of club members and guests sitting on chairs or at tables with drinks chatting and sharing stories, some speak directly to camera. More shots follow of the dancing and of people enjoying a drink and chat at the tables. One man pushes a woman along the floor on a chair on wheels.

More sedate dancing attracts older members to the dance floor. The steward's wife is at the centre of all the fun as the film ends.