Film ID:
NEFA 22259



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An amateur film made by Alan Quinn that records a night out at the Huntley Well Social Club at Winlaton Mill.  The film shows customers, old and young, seated around the club drinking and chatting happily, or on the dance floor. 

The film opens with two women cutting iced cake into slices to distribute to guests at the club. General views show a buffet meal laid out on tables. Guests help themselves to drinks and food and sit at tables or stand around chatting to each other.

Portrait shot of two women flanking an elderly woman who holds a bouquet of flowers. The younger women also have bouquets given to them.

General views of guests and club members dancing. The dancing starts as quiet and sedate and then changes to more 'modern' dancing.

Club members and guests are chatting and drinking and dancing, and the bar staff are hard at work. One of the men wears a label pinned to his jacket which reads 'Brian Quinn, official photographer'.