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YFA 3329



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This film features hunting and shooting events which take place around Hovingham, North Yorkshire. The film was made by Col. Sir William Arthington Worsley of Hovingham, 4th Baronet. He was also a cricketer who captained Yorkshire County Cricket Club in 1928 and 1929 and captured cricket events on film as well as life and events in and around Hovingham village.

The film opens with some footage of African tribal dancers in native gear.

Title-The Middleton Hunt and Sheriff Hutton Hovingham Pictures.

Title-The Master Col Borwick Hovingham Pictures 1931.

There is a close up of the master of the hunt followed by various shots of the other riders and the hounds as well as scenes of the village.

Title-Lord Grimthorpe Hovingham Pictures 1931

The riders, horses and spectators mill around and then the hunt starts.

Title-Middleton Meet at Hovingham Pictures 1931

More shots of the horses.

Title-Joyce on Joanna February 1931

A woman comes out of a courtyard on horseback.

Title-The Middleton Move up the Stocking February 1931

Those involved in the hunt make their way across the fields.

At the stable a young boy, Marcus Worsley, uses a mounting box to mount a horse. He the rides off accompanied by a nanny walking alongside.

Title - Shooting at Hovingham Pictures 1931

Title-Kitscrew Hovingham Pictures 1931

In a wooded area, a number of men walk with shot guns.

Title-South Wood Hovingham Pictures 1931

Title-Willy Shooting Hovingham Pictures 1931

The man takes aim into the air and shoots several times with two guns.

Title-Shooting Pagan retrieves Hovingham Pictures.

A hunting dog stands by to retrieve the game.

Title- 1931 Pullan counts the bag at Bunk Wood.

The film ends with a gamekeeper counting the number of pheasants shot that day.