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YFA 856



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Part of the Leeds City Libraries collection, this is a film about the memorial in Hunslett Lane, Leeds. The Opening intertitle informs us that the memorial was made in part from the remains of Brooke Hall.

Title-Memory of Ancient Leeds House Perpetuated

Title-Memorial constructed of actual material from the historic Brooke Hall, unveiled by the Lord Mayor of Leeds, July 17th, 1933, at Pratts Service Station, Hunslet Lane, Leeds.

There is a shot of the Service Station taken from across the road.

Title-Mr Frederick J. Wolfe-Chairman of Anglo-American Oil Co. Ltd-and Mrs Wolfe, receive the Lord Mayor of Leeds, Lord Fairfax, and many other distinguished personages.

The dignitaries get out of a car and are greeted. All around are men and women seated and standing, waiting to be introduced; one by one everybody shakes hands and has a chat. There is a close up of the Mayor who is wearing a top hat and his elaborate chain of office. Also among the group is a priest who smiles at the camera.

One of the women has been given a large bouquet of flowers which she carries around with her. A stage has been set up in the forecourt and the dignitaries gather on it.

Title-Mr Wolfe invites the Lord Mayor to unveil the memorial.

He stands up and makes a speech to the waiting crowd.

Title-The Lord Mayor thanks the donors of the site on behalf of the City and unveils the Memorial.

The woman with the bouquet sits beside a wall which has a flag hanging from it. A man pulls on a string attached to the flag to reveal the memorial.

Spectators, including some police officers, stand in front of the stage and look at the memorial.

Title-Mr E Kilburn Scott, who inspired the memorial proposes a vote of thanks to the Lord Mayor and interests the spectators with the story of Brooke Hall.

A man makes a speech and the camera pans across to take in the crowd.

Title-The Bishop of Knaresborough seconds the vote of thanks.

The priest makes a speech and then the group gets up and starts to leave; people shake hands and pose for the camera.