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YFA 2131



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This short film documents a trip to the Humber Bridge, Hull soon after its opening.

The film begins with a view towards the bridge from the side of a road. The next shots are taken from the car as it is travelling. The film records the journey over the bridge. There are views of the suspension towers and onto the river view. The tide is up, and there is a shot of the toll barrier.

The family has a picnic beneath the bridge. The next shots are from below the bridge on the pedestrian stair case and the party walks across the bridge. The concrete structures and wires are also visible. There are shots of other people crossing the bridge by foot, and a long shot of a man inspecting the steel ropes and girders.

Traffic, including a Ford Capri and an Austin Maxi, makes its way across the bridge.

The next scenes are general views of Selby Abbey. Shots include close ups of the gargoyles and stone facade tower, chaplaincy door and general architectural features including interior shots of the stained glass windows.