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Made by Debenham & Co, Beverley, this film records the City of Hull’s Victory in Europe Celebrations, May 1945; it includes extensive footage of all servicemen and women who participated in the victory processions and salute at Victoria Square.

Also featured are the Mayor and Mayoress, visiting the children’s ward at the city hospital. 

The film is accompanied by a commentary.

Title – Lord Mayors and Sheriffs of Kingston upon Hull during the War.

Title – Lord Mayors
1938-39 William Pashby
1939-40 Henry Melville Harrison
1940-41 Sydney Herbert Smith, M.A.
1941-42 John Guy Hewett
1942-43 Joseph Leopold Schultz
1943-44 Frederick Roland Fryer
1944-45 John Dewick Lambert Nicholson
1938-39 Wallace Rockett
1939-40 Benno Pearlman
1940-41 Robert Greenwood Tarran
1941-42 Godfrey Robinson
1942-43 George Stanley Atkinson
1943-44 Harold Ivens Loten
1944-45 Kenneth Percival

Title - City and County of Kingston upon Hull, Victory in Europe Celebrations May 1945

Title – The City and County of Kingston upon Hull founded in 1160 by the Monks of Meaux, and granted the right of a Mayor, in 1331 Now the Third Port in the United Kingdom, hails the Great Victory of 1945 with peals of bells from her 17th Century churches.

Title – Commentary Written by Thomas Geraghty
Spoken by Alvar Lidell
Filmed by Debenham & Co., Beverley
Recording:  Imperial Sound Studios

The film opens with shots of some of the exteriors of the city’s buildings.  They are decorated with flags and bunting for the victory celebrations.  Following this, different families are shown listening to Winston Churchill announce Victory in Europe.  They listen from the sofas and armchairs of their living rooms, and exterior scenes then show soldiers at a hospital garden in Hull listening to the news.  Many of the soldiers are wounded, and one of them blows a horn in celebration.

Title - … exactly one and half hours later.

The Chairman of Victory Celebrations Committee introduces the Lord Mayor and Sheriff to the large crowd gathered in Victoria Square.  The crowd cheers as he makes a speech, and following that, they break out into dance.

Title - … in the evening the young people dance in East Park.

Mostly teenage girls dance in East Park.  There is a large crowd gathered there as well to watch the celebrations which last until sunset.

Title – Thanksgiving.

A Thanksgiving service takes place at Holy Trinity Church.  The service is presided over by the Archbishop of York and includes interior scenes taken during the church service.  Intercut with the footage of the Archbishop’s sermon is footage of the damaged caused by the Blitz.  He notes that Hull was the most bombed provincial state, not only in Britain, but also in the Empire, second only to Malta.

Title – The “Victory” Parade of the Services passes through the streets of Hull.

Taken from a point of view shot of the car’s driver, the crowds gathered can be seen cheering as the car passes.  Outside the Guild Hall, all those participating in the procession have gathered and wait in formation.  The parade begins, and they pass the Mayor and other dignitaries for the salute.  There is extensive footage of all those regiments and divisions who participate in the parade.  The commentary introduces other war agencies that make up the parade including Nurses, Royal Navy, Wrens, Royal Observer Corps, and Civil Defence.

Title – Children’s Huge Fancy Dress Parade

The city police marching band leads the children’s parade made up of 3000 children in fancy dress.  The procession passes large crowds of people as well as the Mayor and Mayoress of Hull.  The commentary tells of how mothers used discarded material to make the costumes in the difficult times of war rationing. 

Title – Band of Hesslewood (Seamen’s) Orphanage Home

The procession includes the Newland’s Orphanage Band and students from Maris College.  All the floats and costumes are skilfully made and decorated for the occasion.

Title – The ‘Sick’ are not forgotten

The Mayor and Mayoress visit the City Hospital where children wave flags in the decorated wards.  Presents and toys are handed out to the children in the wards, and more children play with the nurses outside the hospital.
An exterior view shows a local sanatorium which cares for many people suffering with tuberculosis.  Some patients sit out in the sunshine whilst others sit in decorated wards. 

Title – “Victoria” Hospital for Sick Children

The Sheriff of Hull visits the Victoria Children’s Hospital.   Nurses stand by each of the beds and cribs, and many of the children wave flags during the visit.  The film closes with a soldier who is on leave and visiting his sick child at the hospital.  The commentary notes that he can at least take solace in the fact that his child now only has to fight sickness and no longer face two enemies, one being the Germans.

Title - National Thanksgiving SUNDAY.

There is a shot of a church. The Lord Mayor and other dignitaries exit. Next there is a brass band procession through a city street in Hull. The commentary states that the Lord Mayor, Sheriff of Hull, and other dignitaries are present to preside over the march. Those taking part in the procession include the Brethren of the Ancient Trinity House, representatives of the armed services, professors of the University College, the Head Masters of various schools, St. John Ambulance volunteers, hospital nurses, and members of the WVS.

Title - Throughout the city Victory sports and tea parties were held.

Children's tea parties on trestle tables take place in the streets, and bunting decorates the area. The commentary states that rations have been saved up for this special occasion. The children also participate in foot races in the streets. The children's parents are crowded around in the background. Later, there is a fancy dress parade for young children.

Title - The Memorial for the Citizens who lost their lives in the greatest War in our history.

Services are held for the people of Hull that were killed during the war, and there is a Remembrance Day service attended by Clergy, servicemen and citizens. The attendees sing hymns, and many wreaths are laid on the Cenotaph.

Title - They shall not grow old As we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, Nor the years condemn, At the going down of the sun And in the morning We will remember them.

Title - The End
Filmed by Debenham & Co. Beverley