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YFA 2119



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Part of the John Turner collection, this is a short comical fiction film in which two teenage boys fight for the affections of a young girl who is sitting, reading a book on a park bench. The film includes special effects and trick photography. The fiction film is followed by film of some students in an observatory.

The film begins with a young woman in a green top walking over to a bench in the Museum Gardens in York, where she sits and reads a book. A young man arrives on the other end of the bench and slides towards her. She turns away, and he puts out his hand and a flower appears in it, and he disappears and reappears, knelt in front of her and gives her the flower. The two of them are then sat chatting on the bench when another young man appears in a check shirt, and holding a cigarette. He approaches the pair and asks for a light. He then sits down beside them and leans over to glare at them. As the first young man gets up to protest they get into a fight, while she carries on sitting there, seemingly unconcerned. The first young man punches the second who falls down and slides off into the distance. The first young man has a mirror magically appear in his hand and checks his hair. Meanwhile, the second young man has reappeared and is kneeling before the young woman, wooing her. The first young man returns and they have a sword fight, again with the young woman carrying on reading her book and checking her watch. Eventually an older man in a suit arrives to meet the young woman, and they walk off together through the gardens.

The film remains with this couple, but no longer acting in a story. They chat with some local children. The film then switches to an observatory, with two students working on the equipment. There is a brief view of a building, a park, the inside of a room with portrait paintings, a cricket pitch and the top of the observatory before the film come to an end.