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YFA 2118



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Part of the John Turner collection, this is a film showing street scenes in Hull and of Pearson Park in Hull. It shows children playing, teenagers in groups in the streets and the park, as well as a cricket match and an event in York.

The film begins with a parade of trucks as part of student rag week. One truck has students dressed in an animal costume, with female students as mermaids, another is for the Catholic Society. This is followed by a traditional band. The students are all dressed in fancy costumes, one on a bicycle with a parasol, making their way along a shopping street past the shops of Spence's and Carline's.

The film then has a break and returns with a building, possibly bomb damaged, being demolished. The film switches to a group of elderly men sitting on a bench, one of them has a barrow. Some children are out on a street, two of them pushing a pram. Small children play in a front yard and on the steps leading up to the house. Other people are sitting on steps and the walls of the front gardens. Down another street there are also children out playing, with many prams and washing lines hanging between the houses. Then people are out on a busy street with shops, bicycles and the Salvation Army selling their newspaper. Four teenage girls sit outside a house. One teenager holds a baby, and four teenage boys are stood by a wall eating lollies. More small children wander down narrow terraced streets, and the film switches between various street scenes. In one some boys sit against a wall and are playing cards. A man in a white coat pushes a barrel down a street selling something. The group of boys who are playing cards increases. Several prams have been left out in a narrow street with terraced houses on one side and a large church on the other. Down by a river a black boy is fishing. A group of small girls are playing in a street, and two girls with abacuses sit on the kerb. Three teenage boys are stood talking outside a shop.

The film then switches to snow covered streets, with boys playing on the compacted snow. The film shows TV aerials on the roofs of the houses, and a sign for the New Adelaide Recreational Club. A street gas lamp is seen through a backstreet archway. A sign shows 'Forfeited Pledges' and a pawn shop sign hangs up outside a shop with watches hanging up in the window.

There is than another break before returning to show a boy kneeling over a pond in Pearson Park with a fishing net. A girl eats a lolly next to an ice cream seller. There is a plaque to commemorate Zachariah Charles Pearson. Two other boys look into a tin with, presumably, small fish from the pond. A man pushes a girl on a swing. There are other boys down by the pond, some with model boats. Two elderly men sit on a park bench. Children are on the swings, and the Park Warden talks to a mother. Some cyclists go past on Pearson Park Road, with an ice cream vendor in the background, around which gather a group of young men. There is another group of young men with cycles, possibly students.

The film then switches to people walking out onto a promenade on a small boating lake, possibly the Ferns Lake in East Park, and some people are gathered by a gate. A cyclists rides across a flooded area, and there is a soaking wet dog. Some young people are stood talking in a street. Boats are on the lake and a large building can be seen on a hill in the background. Back at Pearson Park a woman is being pushed in a wheelchair, and boys and men are together playing football. A family are having a picnic in the park, and men are sat on a bench. Again we see the playground and the boys by the pond. There is a painted shed with 'Civic Catering' written on it. A young man is sat on a bench surrounded by boys who laugh at what he is saying.

Some men are playing bowls in the park, and boys are playing cricket. In the playground girls are playing in a sand pit. The film roams about the park observing all the people: young adults sitting on benches, children in the playground and playing football.

There is another break and the film returns to a field where people are sitting in chairs and watching an athletics event at Bootham School, followed by synchronised diving. The Lord Mayor arrives at an event being held in York. A car park is filled with cars. This is at the back of the paint works of the filmmaker’s father, followed by a shot of his home garden.

There is a break before returning to a cricket match, with people sat on benches, including a nurse. The film ends with some trees in full bloom. A young woman sits on a bench in the Museum Gardens in York waiting for someone. A young man arrives and they walk off together through the gardens.

After a break we see a sign for Honister Pass, in the Lake District, with someone else filming a car slowly making its way up the steep incline. At the end another sign states 'you have been warned'. A man and a woman, possibly the filmmaker's parents, wash some cups out in a mountain stream, and they feed some birds. There is another sign for 'Ferry Stop', and their car boards a ferry being pulled by a cable. 

On the other side a large group of children are stood watching, and they are led off back to their school.  This is Standish Grammar school, (a boy’s junior school) where the filmmaker’s mother was the head teacher. 

The film then switches to a Mayoral Procession in York, which is joined by an ecclesiastical procession from St Michael le Belfrey, with scaffolding on the Minster. A large crowd has gathered in York centre, with the Minster in the background.

There is a break and the film continues back at the grandparent’s house at Eastholme, Driffield, with members of the family getting into their car, and others walking around the garden.  There is also footage of the other grandparent’s home in at Cranswick, Driffield.  Back in York Mansion House is shown, before returning again to the Lake Distract and a view over the hills and then the sea overlooked by a ruined castle on a hill. The filmmaker’s parents walk out onto a pier on a blustery day, looking at the sea and a seal bobbing on the waves.

Back in Hull some teenage boys have some cigarettes; there are backstreets with washing lines and an unattended pram. Some boys play football in a derelict area, surrounded by bombed out houses. There is a panoramic view over a smoky Hull cityscape, and more images of Hull, including children playing, but which have other images superimposed on them.