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YFA 2120



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This is a film showing street scenes in Hull and of Pearson Park in Hull, from the John Turner Collection. It shows children playing, the Hull Fair, and a Hull University students vs. staff football match, and an event in York.
The film begins in Hull Fair, with people on the rides and playing games, such as darts and on a rifle range. People are riding on the dodgems, and playing a game to win gold fish. There is a large queue at the chips stall. A group are huddled over what appears to be a table football game. The film then returns to the derelict area, with workmen building near some caravans, where a girl sits looking through a picture book. Some toddlers run around a garden, and small boys play in the rubble. Two small girls play at making tea on a doorstep. In the background there is a church with a tower. The builders are mixing up cement. Children climb through wire get to a large pile of logs. There is more washing hung out to dry between the houses. A girl runs off with a sandwich.

There is a break and the film returns to a large crowd gathered around the war memorial in York. Two men are rigging up a BBC cine camera to film the event. Someone is being led away by first aiders and police, and then carried into an ambulance by police. A parade passes down Duncombe Place led by dignitaries and clergy, followed by marching bands. The film then switches to a football match at Bootham School, between students and staff. At half time both teams pose together for photos. The film then goes back to Lendal Bridge in York, and a train passes over Scarborough Railway Bridge in York. The film shows reflections of the traffic and buildings in the River Ouse.

After a break a group of children roller skate down a street holding hands. Elsewhere boys play football in a street, near where some new flats have been built. A mother walks down the street holding the hand of her young child, and a group of small children play in the street with a pram. One boy runs around a comer firing a toy machine gun at his friends. A group of children play a game where they stand in a circle and then hold hands and dance round and around before breaking up and folding their arms across their chests. Three boys have a mock fight in the street. A man stands in the doorway of a shop with a cart outside. Some boys play in the street outside a corner shop. Outside Turners, the pawnbrokers, there is a line of prams with mothers and children; all the women with headscarves. There is a shop window filled with magazines and comics (barely discernible). A close up shows 'Mystery in Space', 'Kid Colt', 'Guilty', and other comics. Some men look into the window, followed by some children, two with peashooters. Another close up shows 'The Saddle Wolves', 'Hellcat', 'Pep', and other pulp magazines, some with glamorous women on the covers. Children collect timber from ruined houses and put it onto a pram. Their mother carries away a pile of timber in her arms.

The film then switches to a lecture, with the lecturer referring to an architectural drawing on the wall. The lecturer and some of the students are in university gowns. The film switches again to show a sign for King George V Lemorian (?) Playing Fields, and then a sign on a building stating 'Official Secrets Act', 'Prohibited Place', photography not allowed. Children in the playground try to catch a stray dog. They play on the swings and play football, and some girls are on a climbing frame. A woman walks across a derelict area; there is smoking chimney and children playing in a terraced street, with two cats watching.

After a break the film returns to Pearson Park and a boy squatting down by the pond, rubbing his hands with mud, whilst another boy runs off with some clothing, and another retrieves a model boat from the pond. An elderly couple sit on a park bench. A boy climbs a tree, some young people are outside a fence, and a boy collects small fish in a jam jar. In the playground a mother pushes a rocking with children on it. The playground is packed with children, watched by a couple. Children are squatting down by the pond. Some young people are gathered talking in the park, a couple on bikes. Two of the young women wear headscarves, and the young men are smoking. The boys by the pond are joined by some younger children. After some film of the ground, a group of teenage boys and girls are shown gathered in a shelter, with one couple kissing in the corner. Two younger boys are throwing stones.

Some park gardeners are working in one of the flower beds, and two girls are sat on the grass, and then standing showing their socks and unusual sandals. Children are on the swings, and teenagers are hanging around. The film then shows one of the floats for the student rag parade, with 'Technics' written on the side of the lorry.

After a break the film continues showing two large brick buildings, possibly part of the University of Hull. The film then switches to a playground where a group of boys run into and onto the swings, one of them being pushed by a young bespectacled man. Boys and girls then go down a slide, joined by the cameraman. The filming is taken from various unusual angles. One boy walks off, apparently hurt. The children are running around the playground, with a see-saw, larking about. One boy in a leather jacket appears to be getting annoyed. They then all get on the climbing frame.

After a break the film returns with a City of Kingston upon Hull map of a new estate called Longhill. The new houses and shops are shown as well as the old derelict areas. Children walk into a School in single file. Smaller children are out playing on derelict land, where some older children move some corrugated iron and there is a pump. A new school is shown from a distance. Two surveyors are measuring out the land. Nearby a group of older school students are out running. There is another view of the school and then back to the playground where children are on the roundabout.

There is another break and the film moves to an old housing area where a group of children are lined up against a wall playing a game. The area has a mixture of new and old housing. A young man is trying to start a lorry with a starter handle, with group of older teenagers. A young man on a bicycle is chatting to young women, arm in arm, wearing scarves. A group of teenagers are stood on a street corner smoking. On a window sill on a street some boys are comparing and swapping cards of aeroplanes. Children are playing ring a ring a roses. A group of children are drawing with chalk on the pavement; one of them has drawn a teenager smoking. A girl is playing hopscotch. Elsewhere a couple of boys are making a jigger. A boy rides past on a tricycle and wearing huge gloves. Some women stand watching and they are joined by some other boys who join in. Eventually one group of boys gives up on it and drag their timber away, and the others carry off the jigger in parts. A woman then sweeps up behind them. A group of boys walk down the street, some on roller skates, pushing a trolley with a guy on it. Another group are sat on a street corner watching and laughing, one with a lolly.

On a derelict area a group of children are dressing themselves up to play a game. Two girls have a fight over a hula-hoop.
After a break the film moves to Hull fair, where people are sat playing bingo. Someone carries a banner declaring, 'Prepare to meet thy God'. People are riding on a Wurlitzer and other rides including a big wheel and dodgems. There are lots of prizes of gold fish. Young men play on the rifle range. The film then moves to Pearson Park where some children are grouped around a swan, with a young woman and a pram. A couple and a small boy are retrieving a model boat from the pond with a net. Some other boys and parents are also playing with model boats. Some girls are on a see-saw and the swings, one of them stood up on the swing, and also on a rocking horse. Two small girls dangle backwards from a bench. Two small boys have a mock fight. A small girl cries. A student is sat on a bench reading, and two elderly gents are also sitting on bench talking. A girl is filmed on a see-saw with the cameraman on the other end going up and down. There are more shots of the swings, and a boy wades into the pond with his trousers rolled up to retrieve his model boat. A young man combs his hair. The film returns to Hull Fair where people are being served what looks like seafood on small plates.

After a break the film goes back to Pearson Park where a small girl is being pushed on a swing by an older girl, and some boys are hiding in the bushes of a cemetery with homemade bows and arrows, and are swinging on the branches of a tree. A gravestone is in memory of Eliza Waller. One of the boys climbs right up a tree and fires his bow and arrow. The film shows the graveyard and one boy has climbed up on top of the church.

There is then a break before we briefly return to the boys playing bow and arrows. Then there is a deserted terraced street, and a wasp caught in amber (?), before seeing a gaggle of geese eating from someone's left-over fish and chips. There is then another deserted terraced street where the front garden walls look to have been knocked down. Boys are playing in a dead end street. Some small children are sat on the side eating sandwiches. Other boys play in the derelict bombed out houses. A little girl holds a small broom. A gang of boys try to batter down a door on a bombed out house with a piece of wood. Back at Hull Fair open of the fairground workers is calling out the numbers in bingo. The film comes to an end.