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YFA 2348



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This amateur film by a Wakefield based businessman chronicles the open day at Hull Seamen's and General Orphanage that was opened for the children of sailors who were killed at sea.  The action is based around the orphanage grounds and shows the children having fun playing games and competing in a swimming race.

The film opens with a colour shot of the sign 'Hull Seamen's & General Orphanage.'  There is a long shot of a wide drive preceding good views of the big grand house with children posing in the gardens.  Long shots show them playing a range of games such as darts, shooting the target and taking rides on a miniature steam train.

Momentarily there is a shot of a brass band playing for the crowd.  The film then moves to a black and white passage that shows a sheep dog trail before pans capture the huge crowd that has gathered for the swimming race at the Orphanage's outdoor pool.  The film closes with good shots of the swimming heats and the people cheering.

[Sailors' Families' Society]