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YFA 5726



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This is a film of places in Hull, but mostly of the Humber and the Hull ferry.  It also includes film of Hull Fair and the Humber Bridge near completion.

Intertitle – The Hull Pier and the River Humber at Brough

The film begins travelling along Guildhall Road looking across Queen’s Gardens, then looking across the Humber, with a ship just out to sea, and cranes at the docks.  There is a shot of St Andrew’s Docks before traffic boarding the ferry across the Humber at Hull Pier.  There is a sign for Hull Corporation, Pier Street and a view across the Humber, showing the ships ‘Wingfield Castle and ‘Osborne Queen.’  Workers dredge the river at low tide.  A barge moves along the river and the ferry crosses, with cargo ships coming in to dock, and a trawler passes.  The ferry crossing is filmed from the car deck, showing panoramic views all around the Humber, and looking over towards the docks.  This is followed by filming from a boat trip along the Humber, showing the places along the way and passing the tug boat ‘Middle Whitton.’

Now at Hull Fair in the day time, families wander around the amusements and many of the rides and stalls are shown.  Among the rides seen are the dodgems, ‘Shaw’s Waltzer’ and the Wall of Death, all lit up.  

Humber Bridge is near completion, with both towers up.  There are more views of the Humber as the supporting cables are being attached to the Bridge.  Then the middle road sections of the bridge begin to be put into place, and the film finishes.