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YFA 3217



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Part of the Humberside Police Collection, this film captures the parade which takes place to mark the closing of Hull City Police Force Headquarters.

A close up of police hat introduces the film before lines of policemen and women can be seen out on parade. This parade is to commemorate not only the closing of the station but a different style of policing. As they march, everyone within the force is there, from uniformed police to high ranking officers, as well as retired officers, and local city dignitaries.

Police men and women march along in front of officials outside of the Hull City Police Force Headquarters. Throughout the entire film a voice over describes what is happening.

All of the police officers line up along a road and then march off. There are senior ranks of police officers, representatives from all divisions and departments of the force, retired police officers, police cars, police motorbikes bikes, mounted policemen, and the police marching band. They all march along beside the guild hall. There are shots from different angles of the streets and the officers as they march past Queen Victoria Square and the Hull Docks before meeting at the Holy Trinity Church. The Chief Constable is greeted by Rev. Gerald B. Bridgeman as he arrives into the church. The members of the parade file into the church and a man hands out booklets as they enter.

The next shots are taken from outside as they all file out after the service; some of the people shake the hand of the Reverend as they leave. The parade reassembles as they go back to the police headquarters and they are watch by many local people who have lined up along the road. The Lord Mayor, Alderman Smith stands outside the Guildhall and waits to take the salute from the police officers. He holds a sword while some of his officials hold some other gold objects.

In the next scene are shots of the police headquarters including the gardens which are currently in the sunshine. Some men stand looking out onto the parade from an upstairs window. There are also some shots from above the building looking down onto the marching members of the parade. The Chief Constable stands outside the police station and takes the final salute as all of the police officers march past.

The final shot is of a plaque which has been put into the church; it reads `To Commemorate Kingston-Upon Hull City Police Force 1836-1974'

Title-Film Produced by C. Ray Redfearn