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YFA 5730



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Made in 1936, this if a film of members of the Hull Auto Club taking part in motorcycle and car trials.  The exact location is unclear, but it’s likely to have taken place in the East Riding of Yorkshire.   

The film starts on the corner of a road showing three motorbikes passing by, followed by several cars.  This is followed by two pairs of men walking along a road.  Several cars, each containing several passengers, reverse into a side entrance and back out again as part of a car trial.  Some people are standing outside the Crown Hotel, and there is a sign showing the landlord’s name as Isaac Carbutt.  A car drives off with a woman having her head poking out of the roof, followed by a couple of motorcycle and sidecars, one a Norton.  They stop at the side of a road.

A motorcycle races up the side of a hill with a sharp bend.  One rider goes up standing on his seat, another squatting on his seat.  There are a variety of motorcycles, including a Matchless.  None of the riders wear any protective headgear, and one is smoking.  A small crowd stands watching.  They all stop at the end near some buildings.  There is then another race over fields and on road, passing a windmill in motion.  Then another race over rough terrain, with the motorcycles each having a number and going around a course marked by race officials.  Among the motorcycles there is an Ariel and an AJS.

Again we see the motorcycle riders and others parked up by some buildings, chatting with a policeman with a cape on a bicycle.  Then there is another race across snowy fields, setting off near some factories, with some of the riders doing some trick riding.  A group of man and women stand posing for the camera in the doorway of a pub, selling Target Ales, with a sign for the landlord as “George Richard Whiting” (surname is unclear), above the door.  

The group next walk along a beach.  One of them rides off along the beach on a BSA, near a long row of boats on wheels, and is followed by the rest in a car.  They stop and pose for the camera.  

Title – The End