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YFA 3406



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Made by filmmaker Lucy Fairbank, this film is part one of a travelogue of a journey around pre-war Europe.

Title-Holiday Memories 1934.

A map shows the route the travellers will take from Huddersfield to Amsterdam to Nuremberg to Munich and Innsberg then all the way back to home via Lucerne, Paris and Calais. Following this there is a shot of a sign for `Huddersfield' which is in the train station; the train signal man waves his flag for the train to start and he jumps on board.

There is a brief shot taken from the moving train looking out onto the moving countryside and at the smoke coming from the engine.

The next shot is of large waves as seen from over the side of the ship, as it crosses the English Channel to Amsterdam.

There is a sign which reads 'Victoria Hotel Amsterdam' and shots of the hotel which is based in the centre of the city. There are shots of barges sailing along the water with the hotel in the background

Title-From our hotel window at the Victoria Hotel (The central station).

There are shots taken from the balcony looking down onto the streets below. There is traffic, pedestrians, trains and trams. A man stands in the middle of the tram path with a sign which reads `stop'; he directs the traffic which includes lots of bicycles. There is a brief shot of a man with a fruit stall at the side of the road.

Title-Departure of holiday friends

Several men and women wearing smart clothes exit the hotel and smile at the camera. This is followed by a shot of one of the women standing on the train platform and waving to the people as their train leaves the station.

The next shot is of three train workers standing on a platform under a sign which reads `Amsterdam'.


There are shots taken from a barge looking across to the houses, windmill and pyramid building at the edge of the water.

There is a shot of the barge captain walking along the path and pushing the barge along; he smiles at the camera as he passes a group of women in traditional Dutch clothing.

In the fishing village men and women all wear traditional clothing and clogs. Opposite the canal are tall Dutch houses and little shops. The harbour is full of identical fishing boats and fishermen in identical clothing wander around. There are many views if the place showing no cars or signs of the modern world.

Title-By the Zurder Zee

More of the area is shown is the next shots including the locals, the many canals that are actually reclaimed land and children sitting by the harbour watching boats coming in.

Title-The Isle of Marken.

Women and children sit outside a wooden building and a woman waves at the camera. The locals all wear different traditional clothing to the inhabitants of Volendam. There are shots of small groups of little wooden houses near the water where boats are moored. A man walks along a path towards his house; he is following his little daughter. In the next shot a woman stands in her doorway and smiles at the camera; she also appears to be talking. Men walk around in puffy, knee-length trousers and one woman appears to be wearing sunglasses!

Title-Down the Rhine Valley.

A shot from the train shows the countryside and landscape as the train speeds by. There are shots of the mountains, terraced fields and village buildings.


The travellers eventually arrive in Nuremburg where street scenes are shown. There are large, old, stone walls enclosing a group of buildings. In the centre of town some of the large buildings have scaffolding on them. There is a market in the town square and the streets are busy with cyclists and cars; a big spire overlooks the town centre.

Title-Hans Sach's Monument and house.

A statue of a man sitting on a chair is in front of a large building. There are shots of other buildings with swastika flags on them. Some shots are taken from a height looking down onto the tall buildings, spires and bridges in the city.