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YFA 4527



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This is a film made by West Yorkshire Police of anti-National Front demonstrations and National Front marches in Huddersfield in 1974 and Bradford in 1975.  It repeats footage from films 4519 and 4520.

Title - Huddersfield 1974 Bradford 1975 Demonstrations

The film begins a billboard for the Telegraph and Argus stating: ‘Big Police Operation to Avoid Bradford Demo Clash’.  The next section is a repeat of the first paragraph of film number 4520:

Three policemen on horseback are leading a march past an Austin car showroom.  At the head of the march is the banner for the Huddersfield branch of the National Front.  The march is mostly men, some young in white trousers, mostly carrying Union Jacks, with a line of police at one side.  Martin Webster, the National Organiser, is near the front.  A man carries a flag of the Union of South Africa.  One banner is for the Manchester branch of the National Front.  They pass Dewsbury and West Riding Building Society.  A large banner declares, ‘Britons Unite with the National Front’.  One road is blocked off by police as they are escorted through the town centre.  A placard reads, ‘Send Them Back’.  They pass the Commercial Hotel.

Next comes film repeating the second two paragraphs of film number 4519:

The anti-National Front demonstration can be seen behind a row of police, one on horseback.  There is a banner for BAIRD AEUW Shop Stewards Group.  More police arrive, and a march steward shouts through a loud hailer.  There is a banner for York International Socialists.  The film highlights the banners, including Bradford Communist Party and one not in English.  There are close ups of some of the demonstrators, including two eating a sandwich.  The demonstration is penned against an office building by the police as the National Front demonstration marches past headed by a Highland Pipe band. 

The National Front demo marches past on the other side of the road behind barriers.  The anti-NF demonstrators shout at the NF march with the police holding them in.  There are some scuffles between the rival demonstrators as the police, lined up linking arms, try to keep them apart.  One young demonstrator gets dragged out as more police arrive.  The police struggle to hold off the anti-NF demonstrators as they try to get through.  One young bearded man is shown close up yelling and holding up his fists.  Some NF banners are shown, including, ‘Get Britain out of the Common Market’ and ‘Stand by the whites in Africa’ (partially blocked).

Lastly there is the second paragraph of film number 4520:

The anti-National Front demonstration is hemmed in by police with several International Socialist banners.  They are grouped near a school which the National Front is entering.  Other people are milling around between the two groups who are separated by the police.  A cameraman swaps his camera with one of the protesters behind police lines.  The protesters are then filmed from within, on the other side of the police lines.  A Socialist Worker placard (partially blocked) reads, ‘Unite to Fight the Squeeze’.  There are many youth in among the protesters.