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YFA 3308



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A promotional film for Firth-Vickers ‘Staybrite’ stainless steel. The use of stainless steel equipment and utensils changes an old-fashioned kitchen into a modern kitchen-dining room and transforms the life of the housewife.

Titles:  G.B. International Limited
The Hub of the House

The film begins with the laboratory testing of steel samples and the commentary outlines the developments which led to the discovery of stainless steel. In the steelworks the metal is shown being melted, forged and rolled into sheets. The sheets can then be bent, pressed, welded, polished and spun to form finished products.

A female instructor is in charge of a group of women, possibly a domestic science class, who are to be shown a ‘film’, Chaos in the kitchen. This shows an old-fashioned kitchen and illustrates the problems facing the housewife. In the overcrowded room a boy is working at the table, the father is shaving at the sink, and the mother is preparing the bath for the younger child while pans stand precariously on the stove. The window above the sink is difficult to open and the gas meter is out of reach high on the wall. Later, as the housewife prepares a meal, we see that the shelves for pans are high up on the wall and food and other items are all stored in the larder. Finally, the coal man arrives with a delivery which must be carried through the kitchen to the coal cellar, leaving a trail of dust.

Returning to the class, ‘Mary’, one of the group, is introduced to a modern kitchen. Curtains draw back to reveal a kitchen equipped with a stainless steel sink, a refrigerator, storage cupboards and workbench, gas cooker and a drying cupboard. A stainless steel-lined hatch allows deliveries of bread, milk and meat to be made from outside. The milkman demonstrates its use. A friend arrives for a cup of tea which is served in the dining room using a stainless steel tea-set, cutlery and cake stand. The children help to set the table with stainless steel dishes and cutlery as father arrives home.

In the class, tea is served and on the trolley they notice a teapot with the name ‘Staybrite’. The film ends with a display of stainless steel kitchen utensils.

Credits:  Presented by
Firth-Vickers Stainless Steels Ltd
Staybrite Works - Sheffield
Assistant Director Pat Pullen; Continuity  E. Chapman; Editor Kit Wood; Photography  Ray Densham; Directed by Irene Wilson