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YFA 3199



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This is a film which documents Princess Diana's visit to the Newland Estate and her tour around the premises.

The film opens with many people from the society lined up outside behind police security tape cheering for the arrival of Princess Diana. The Sailors' Children's Society band is set up outside the house playing music for the day's events. With a police escort, Princess Diana arrives in a car and is greeted by the High Sheriff. He then gives her a quick briefing and introducers her to the Newland management team as well as the Lord Mayor. Princess Diana does a brief meet and greet, and there are some members of the press in the background which cameras. After more introductions, Diana stops to talk to some of the children lined up for her visit.
Princess Diana is given a tour of one of the Hannah Pickard House. Inside she chats with a boy in his bed room as well as a group of boys and the housemother seated at the kitchen table. After the tour, Princess Diana leaves the house, briefly talking to a few people on the way out, and gets into a car which will take her to a different part of the estate. The crowd gathered waves goodbye as the car drives off.
Diana then enters the auditorium which has a large welcome banner on the outside. Inside, the auditorium is packed and Diana meets many of the older members who live at the estate. Then on stage, a man presents Princess Diana and thanks her for her visit. Diana pulls the string which opened a curtain to unveil a plaque commemorating her visit to the estate.
This plaque was unveiled by H. R. H. The Princess of Wales to commemorate her visit to the Sailors' Families' Society Newland 26 February 1991
The Princess is presented with a large book of artwork done by the children, and after looking through it, she exits the stage and auditorium. Outside, the crowd is gathered cheering and many waving Union Jack flags as Diana's car leaves the estate. Most of the children are in red sweatshirts of the SFS.
The next portion of the film is interviews with a few of the people Princess Diana stopped to talk to. They talk about their experiences and what the chatted about with HRH. A woman is conducting the interview but is not seen on camera. Mrs. Carter (?) is interviewed as well speaking of her gratitude for Diana coming and commemorating the new name - the Sailors' Families' Society.