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In May, 1923, HRH Prince of Wales visited Rotherham.  This film captures the day’s events which include:  the opening of a Power Station, a visit to Clifton Park, meeting wounded soldiers, and a visit to the Works of the United Steel Co., Ltd..

Title – Official Film: His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales to Rotherham, May 28th, 1923

The film begins with the outside of the ‘Empire’ cinema which is showing ‘Mother of Mine,’ starring Betty Blyth, and ‘Sinners,’ starring Alice Brady.  The Mayor and Mayoress of Rotherham, a judge, and other dignitaries wait outside the Town Hall for the arrival of the Prince.  The Royal entourage comes round the corner, and as the Prince steps out of the car, he is welcomed by the Mayor.

Intertitle – His Royal Highness received at the Town Hall by the Mayor and Mayoress and the Town Clerk. Presentation of the Mayor to His Royal highness, by The rt. Hon. Earl Fitzwilliam

His Royal Highness greets the Mayor.

Intertitle – The Mayor presents to His Royal Highness:- The Mayoress, The Town Clerk, Lt.-Col. S. Rhodes, D.S.O, o/c 5th York and Lancaster Regt. (T).

More greetings.

Intertitle – His Royal Highness inspects a guard of honour of the 5th York and Lancaster Regt. (T) under the command of Lieut. Col. Rhodes.

Prince Edward walks along the lines of soldiers to inspect the troops.  This is watched by crowds from the side.  As they pass, the entourage following doff their caps, apparently to the soldiers.  They make their way into the Town Hall.

Intertitle – His Royal Highness, accompanied by the by the Mayor and Party, depart form the Town Hall to the New Electric Power Station.

The Prince gets into his open top car with the Mayor, and they proceed to open the station.  The film shows a long scene of the bustling crowds down a street, many of whom stop to look directly at the camera.

Intertitle – His Royal Highness graciously consents to open the New Power Station and to inspect the Territorial Units, Wounded Soldiers, Boy Scouts and School Children in our Clifton Park.

A large crowd has gathered to see Prince Edward who walks past, doffing his cap.

Intertitle – His Royal Highness received at the Power Station by the Chairman of the Electricity Committee (Alderman D. L. Winter. J.P.). Alderman D. L. Winter presents the Borough Electrical Engineer Mr Edward Cross to His Royal Highness.

The Prince waits for his moment to open the Power Station, which he does by turning a knob while watched by a group of women wearing in fancy hats and standing behind him.  They tour the inside of the Power Station.

Intertitle – The Prince starts up the largest turbine in the country.   30,000 KW., 40,000 Horse Power Turbo-alternator.

They are all gathered around the alternator, which the Prince turns using a something resembling a ship’s wheel.  He turns a handle, and the crown crest is displayed.  A group of people follow, touring around the power plant, seeing its various parts.  The Prince leaves the decorated Power Station to waving crowds and gets into his car.  There is another long shot of the crowd milling around a cobbled street with tramlines.  Vehicles and a horse and cart pass by.

Intertitle – CLIFTON PARK.  Councillor W. Brooke, Chairman of the Parks Committee, being presented to His Royal Highness.

After meeting Councillor W. Brooke Prince Edward talks to wounded soldiers in wheel chairs.  They are all wearing their war medals.  He stops to talk to some locals sitting on a park bench.  Next he inspects a line of uniformed women, and then the girl guides, including a small girl in a nurse uniform sitting on a bike.  A large procession of school children walks past the large crowd.  Crowds line the pathways of the park, waving and cheering as the Prince makes his way on his tour which includes a police escort.  

In the town centre, crowds stand on either pavement as a procession walks pas.t.  It is headed by a boy scout’s band and followed by the car entourage.

Intertitle – His Royal Highness being received at the entrance to the Works of the United Steel Co., Ltd., by Albert O. Peech, Esq., Chairman of the directors.

The Prince arrives and greets various members of the Company.

Intertitle – Mr Albert Deighton, the General Manager, being presented to His Royal Highness.

The Prince greets more members of the Company.

Inside the steelworks, the furnace is seen, and the Prince talks to workers lined up outside.  They are all dressed in their cloth caps and white cravats.  The large entourage continues touring around the factory.  

Intertitle – His Royal Highness departs from the Works of the United Steel Co., Ltd. 

Led by the Chief Constable, Prince Edward walks down a long gangway.  Fields can be seen in the background, and waving crowds look on.  Back on the streets of Rotherham, crowds wave and cheer as the camera goes down the cobbled streets and past the shops including that of ‘Ernest Miller.’  The people look at the camera, and some boys follow.

Intertitle – The Prince passing the “Empire” on his way to Wentworth House as the guest of The rt. Hon. Earl Fitzwilliam, K.C.V.O, C.B.E., D.S.O.

Large crowds watch on as Prince Edward speeds through the streets, again showing the ‘Empire’ cinema, with its large sign on top.

The End