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On 15th October, 1926, Edward, Prince of Wales, visited Halifax for the ceremonial opening of Shibden Park. Included is footage of a military inspection, opening of the park, tour past the Piece Hall, and breaking ground to plant a tree in honour of the special occasion.

Title - H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, KG visits Halifax. Friday, October 15th, 1926.

Title - A film recorded under the auspices of the Halifax County Borough Council.
Produced and arranged under the direction of the Chief Constable. (Mayor A.H. Richardson)
The principal object of the Prince's visit was to dedicate Shibden Park.
Police marching to their positions on the nine miles of route which HRH traversed.

The police are marching past, and some are on horseback.

Title - Willing Helpers Halifax Boys' Organisations proceeding to line the route near the Town Hall.

A marching band is followed by scouts and young soldiers who prepare to line the route.

Title - The expectant crowds - whose enthusiasm increases as the time of the arrival of the Prince approaches.

The crowd gathers behind barriers, and many of the townspeople wave flags. Policemen stand by as part of the day's security.

Title - The Mayor and Mayoress, Alderman William Smith, JD and Mrs. Smith
Title - The Royal Visitor arrives and as received by the Mayor, who presents: - The Recorder Mr. J. Willoughby Jardine.
Title- The Chief Constable, Mayor A.H. Richardson

Following each of these intertitles are brief shots of the dignitaries mentioned. Following this, the Prince's train arrives at the station. He exits and shakes hands with the Mayor who is waiting on the platform.

Title - H.R.H. makes his first acquaintance with the good humoured enthusiastic Halifax crowds.

The crowds who line the travel route cheer as the Royal convoy passes. The city centre is decorated with bunting for the occasion.

Title - Arrival at the Town Hall for the Civic Reception.

The cars arrive to a cheering crowd.

Title - Inspection of the Guard of Honour, 4th West Riding Regt.

The Prince inspects the troops, and after which, they march off information.

Title - Civic Representatives who were "Presented" to H.R.H at the Town Hall.

Title - The Right Hon. J.H. Whitley, M.P. for Halifax (The Speaker of the House of Commons and Honorary Freeman of the Borough.)
Title - The Right Hon. Lord Somerleyton, P.C., GCVO (Honorary Freeman of the Borough.)
Title - Sir George Henry Fisher-Smith, J.P. (Honorary Freeman of the Borough.)
Title - Mr. James Parker, C.H. (Honorary Freeman of the Borough) and Mrs. Parker.
Title - Mr. Richard Deardon Ward, J.P., (Honorary Freeman of the Borough.)
Title - Alderman Howard Clay J.P. (Ex-Mayor and Chairman of the Finance Committee) and Mrs. Clay.
Title - Alderman Thomas Hey, J.P. (Ex-Mayor and Chairman of the Tramways and Electricity Committee.)
Title- Alderman Joseph Harold Waddington J.P. (Ex-Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Chairman of the Gas Committee) and Mrs. Waddington.
Title- Alderman Dr. William Michel Branson J.P. (Chairman of the Health Committee)
Title- Alderman Edgar Smith (Chairman of the Watch Committee)
Title - Alderman Herbert Turner, J.P. (Chairman of the Transport Committee)
Title - Mr. Councillor Bouter, Vice Chairman of the Watch Committee
Title - Councillor John Cater (Chairman of the Waterworks Committee)
Title - Councillor Arthur Henry Gledhill (Chairman of the Improvement Committee and Mayor Elect.)
Title - Councillor Frank Watkinson (Chairman of the Housing and Town Planning Committee.)
Title - Councillor Sam Wright (Chairman of the Education Committee)
Title - Councillor William Crabtree (Savile Grove) Chairman of the Parks Committee.
Title - Councillor E.W. Lyon (Vice Chairman of the Market Committee.)

Following each of these intertitles is a brief shot of the people presented in each of the titles.

The Prince arrives in an open-top carriage with the Mayor.

Title - "TOC H."

The Prince shakes hands with some of the men at the Town Hall as part of a meet-and-greet. In the next shot, men are grouped outside a large doorway, on top of which there is a sign, "Abandon Rank All Ye That Enter Here." The Prince comes out of the doorway, parts the crowd, and poses for a picture with the group of men.

Title - "British Legion"

The Prince inspects members of the British Legion. This is followed by the Royal convoy of cars making its way down the streets of Halifax. Large crowds line the route, and at one point, a dog runs into the street causing one of the cars in the convoy to veer slightly from formation.

Title - Arrival at Shibden Hall.

The Prince and other dignitaries walk by the Hall.

Title - Mr. John Lister, M.A. the present resident at Shibden Hall, whose ancestors have occupied the Hall for several centuries.

Mr. Lister walks out of the Hall with his dog. He poses for the camera. This is followed by exterior shots of the Hall. A brass band is playing in the front garden, and the Prince walks around the Hall for a brief inspection before heading back to his car.

Title - The Opening Ceremony at Shibden Park Gates.

A crowd cheers at the gates. There are also policemen standing nearby. The gates are officially open, and the Prince raises his hat in a cheerful celebration. The men get back into their cars, and the cars enter and drive through the park. Inside, there is a huge crowd of people waiting.

Title - 16th Century House removed from Cripplegate.

There is a brief shot of the house followed by scenes of the lake in the middle of the park. People play with small model boats which sail on the lake. Others make their way around the pathways of the park. Some hold umbrellas.

Title - the Children's Corner

Children are lined up and waiting to have a ride on the tall slide. They each take a turn sliding down.

Title - Little "Fido" takes his turn.

A dog goes down the slide.

Title - Don't you wish you were young again?

Many children play on a merry-go-round and others play on the swings.

Title - Planting a Tree in the Park

Children line up for a photograph with the Prince. Following this, he breaks ground in order to plant the tree.

Title - "Have I got to shovel all this in?"

Edward places more dirt on top of the tree roots.

Title - "Put a bit more in!"

Title - "Here; you have a go!"

The Mayor then takes his turn to shovel some dirt to finish planting the tree.

Title - Mr. A. S. McCrea, J.P., of Warley, through whose generosity the Estate has become a Public Park.

Title - Mr. C.W. Crossley, J.P., Governing Director, Messrs. John Crossley and Sons, Std. Carpet Manufactures, Dean Clough Mills.

Mr. Crossley poses in front of his offices.

Title - The Piece Hall. Here 31,000 people greeted a former Prince of Wales in 1863.

Crowds line the streets at the Piece Hall as the Royal convoy arrives.

Title - Extract from the Civic Address: - "We regard Your Royal Highness's [sic] visit to us as a further indication of the desire of your Royal House for the well being of Their loyal subjects and we rejoice that you have been pleased to honour the Borough with your presence. We pray that God's blessing may rest upon Your Royal Highness; that you may enjoy a long and happy life; that the peace which has been vouchsafed to us may be an abiding one; and that the people of our glorious Empire may become more closely united in the bond of friendship, to which end you have, ungrudgingly and whole-heartedly, devoted many of the best years of your life."