Film ID:
YFA 2286



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On November 9th, 1920, HRH the Duke of York paid a visit to Rowntree’s Cocoa Works.  This film documents his visit to the factory and includes footage of the crowd who turned out to see the Duke as well as footage of the factory workers. 

The film opens with a group of men who stand waiting outside the factory.  Children line the road, and a policeman is present to keep things under control.  A car, which is led by a mounted policeman, approaches the factory.

Title – HRH received by the Managing Director.

The car pulls up to the front of the factory, and HRH Duke of York exits the car.  He is greeted by the Managing Director and others before they go inside for a tour of the factory. 

Later, the Duke of York and Managing Director leave the building and walk along a tree-lined path.  They are followed by a few others from Rowntree’s. 

Seated together, HRH Duke of York and others pose for a photograph before he leaves.  Crowds wait outside the factory as HRH Duke of York walks through with the Director.  The crowds, mainly children, wave as the Royal Car goes past and continue to run after the car even after it has passed.  Women workers can also be seen waving from the factory windows.