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NEFA 19412



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A sponsored film produced by Turners Film Productions for the Consett Iron Company Ltd recording the construction and operation of the Hownsgill Plate Mill near Consett in County Durham between 1958 - 1961, which was for a time the world's largest and most advanced steel rolling mill. The mill was officially opened by Lord Mills in April 1961.

Title: The Hownsgill Plate Mill of Consett Iron Company

Title: The Story of its Construction and Operation

Credit: Filmed by Turners, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England

Credit: Narrated by Bryan Askew

The film begins with views of the warehouses of the Hounsgill Plate Mill. Immediately following, is a sequence of shots recording surface mineral extraction or landscaping: diggers, dump trucks, and demolition teams all work to level an area of ground before construction work begins.

Events surrounding the construction of the Plate Mill are documented: steel girders are riveted together into a framework, foundation walls are cemented. As the mill construction nears completion, the installation of heavy equipment in the space begins.

Views of a 160 ton roll housing, built by Davy United, being installed in the now completed Plate Mill building.

The construction and fitting out of the Plate Mill having been completed, the film records molten iron or steel being smelted, rolled, shaped, and moved around the mill.

Manufactured steel plates are hauled out of the mill by rail, on a steam locomotive.

End Credit: Consett Iron Work Company Limited, Consett, County Durham, England