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YFA 763



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A professionally made film, this film takes on the subject of stiletto heels and linoleum. The film was made for the Dundee Linoleum Company.

Title-How to fight stilettos and win.

The film opens with Mr Arthur Barber from Dundee Lino Company, coming into shot and talking to the camera about the growing popularity of linoleum. He walks over to a desk, sits down and continues to talk to the camera. Another man comes into the shot and sits down at Mr Barber's desk and asks to see a television programme that was previously made about the company's linoleum. Mr Barber obliges and the scene cuts to the television programme.

The programme shows regular and Heelmaster linoleum being tested in a factory with machines that puts huge amounts of pressure onto small areas of the material. The tester holds the two different pieces of linoleum up and the audience can see how well Heelmaster resisted the pressure. In another test, the programme makers got some women in heels to do some twist dancing to show the typical wear that public linoleum would get.

In the next scene Mr Barber's voice over describes where the linoleum can best be used. There are sequences of shots of people on their way to and from work, walking on the office linoleum in heels, sitting at their desks scuffing shoes off the floor, to illustrate the huge amount of wear and tear that the Heelmaster linoleum can put up with and still look good.

The next sequence shows people in shops, cafes and post offices and again illustrates the constant wear that Heelmaster linoleum can resist. The voice over then says that Dundee Lino is being exported to 20 embassy companies and is even used on the ships and cruise liners.

The next scene is back in the studio and the man asks Mr Barber if the linoleum is easy to handle manage in cold temperatures? Mr Barber has a piece of linoleum at room temperature and shows the man how flexible it is and then shows him a piece of chilled linoleum and shows his that it is just as flexible. The man is very happy with the outcome.

Title-The Dundee Linoleum Executive was Arthur Barbour & Huw Thomas asked the questions.

Title-The Dundee Linoleum Company acknowledges with grateful thanks the valuable co-operation of H.M. Ministry of Public Buildings and Works. The London County Council, the Royal Mail Lines, J. Lyons and Company and Catesbys Ltd of London.

Title-Produced by Star Sound Studios

Title-Directed by Derek Faraday.

Title-And presented by the Dundee Linoleum Company.

Title-The End.