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YFA 23



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Part of the Worsley collection, this film contains footage from a variety of events which took place in Hovingham, North Yorkshire. The events include the installation of electricity in the village, the opening of Hovingham Village Hall, a village fete, and the Hovingham cricket team playing matches and practicing.

The film opens with a young boy talking very seriously to someone off camera before speaking directly to the camera. Next there is shot of a dragon emblem on a building and a field.

Title-Into the past.

In the small village of Hovingham, electricity is being installed, modernising the village.

Title-The opening of the Hovingham village hall May 25th 1931.

A crowd is gathered at the opening of the village hall. They all bundle in through the door, and then there are shots of them sitting at tables inside.

Title-1932 Coming out of a church.

A large crowd of people leave the village church after a service. A sign reads `Women's Institutes Choral and Folk dancing festival at Hovingham Hall June 16th and 17th.

Title - Folk and Choral Dance at Hovingham Hall

This title opens a sequence where a group of young women in folk dress perform a dance. A large crowd is seated either side as the young women dance down the middle of the hall.

Title - Village Fete 1930

A short sequence shows villagers at Hovingham Hall.

Title - Moving Timber 1931

Several large horses are being used to move large tree trunks around the estate. Then there is a brief shot of some swans in a pond with several signets.

Title-The following will play for Hovingham...

Some men, all dressed in their cricket uniforms, pose for the camera.

Title-A cricket match,

The team practices on the cricket pitch. They walk past the camera smiling and then head into the changing room. The players come out and head out to the pitch to play. Spectators watch from a bench on the side lines. There is a brief shot from above of a crowd having refreshment on the lawn.

Title-In October the football season started

This scene which has some slow motion shots shows a rugby match.

Title-Yzeult Dramatic performance of the Hovingham W.I. which gained them second place in their class-only two marks behind the winner May 1948.

Title-Arrival of the Queen of Cornwall.

A group of women on a lawn who are all dressed in classical robes.

The Queen enters the stage area from the right as the other women wait to greet her. The film ends with more brief scenes from the play.

The Queen of Cornwall was played by Joan Learnmonth. The cricketers portrayed are:

Ry Bradshaw
Dick Skelton
Baxter Nelson
Dick Wilson
Teddy Wilson
W.A. Worsley