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YFA 3689



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A popular fundraising event, this film documents the 18th century fair in Hovingham, a small North Yorkshire village.  The film includes scenes of those working at the fair, all dressed in 18th century costume, musical performances, and the crowds of people in attendance.

Title - We present... a few scenes of Hovingham 18th Century Fair 1983 & 1984

This title is accompanied by a poster advertising the fair on Monday, August 27th (1984)

Title - 1983

On the village green, a group of children and adults, dressed in 18th century costume, play music near some of the stalls set up for the fair.  The people manning those stalls are also dressed in costume.  Large numbers of people make their way from stall to stall where there are demonstrations of old methods of embroidery and spinning.  Boys and girls perform a dance around a Maypole, and nearby the Malton White Star Band perform.

Title - Brief Encounter 'You're not booking me, are you' 'I'm afraid I am, Madame - the car park's down there!!...' 

A woman in a car gets a warning from a police officer.

Title - 1984

Some women are inside the Hovingham Methodist Church which has been decorated with flowers.  There is also a woman is playing the organ.  Outside, three girls in costume play reed instruments and are accompanied by a boy on a tambourine.  Nearby a man makes a wood carving, and a brass band performs.  Again there is an embroidery stall as well as stalls selling vegetables and ice creams.  In the grounds of Hovingham Hall, a large group of children sit on the grass to watch a Punch and Judy show. 

There is a cricket match being played, and some children take a ride on a model railway.  A man with a horse and cart gives rides through the village, and there is another dance around a Maypole. 

The day's festivities have come to an end, and the fairground is deserted with only those people left to dismantle the stalls.  Some of the participants pose for the camera.  An old poster is shown for a 50 Pounds Reward, and the film comes to an end focusing on an empty village green.