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'House of Changes' is a contemporary, thought provoking, and challenging film. Set in a Wakefield hairdressing salon, the film explores the changes in life-style of two former gay lovers through their discovery of the Church of the True Vine.

House of Changes offers intimate and alternative views from the stylists and clients into many aspects of life at the turn of the millennium.

Title-The changes expressed in this film are not necessarily the views of the Yorkshire Media Consortium.

Title-One to One Production

Title-20th February 1999, Agbrigg Wakefield.

Film opens with a shot of a residential street taken from a height and eventually the `House of Changes' hairdressers come into view. The hairdresser is quite busy and customers and employees mill around.

The two main hairdressers, Leslie and Graham are working on several customers; they are cutting, washing and blow-drying hair while at the same time talking to the camera and the customers about their belief in God.

In another shot Graham talks about how important it is to talk to the customers and find out exactly what they want done to their hair. Then he talks about how important him belief in God is.

Leslie is talking to a woman as he styles her hair and he is talking about how he doesn't understand how people don't believe in God; the lady tells him that she doesn't believe in God. He then continues trying to convince her of his opinion. Following this scene there is a shot where Leslie says that `evolution turns my stomach'.

The next few shots focus on Graham and his story of his drug, alcohol and mental problems before he found God, was baptised and found the Holy Spirit.

Several female clients talk to the camera about their religious beliefs and their experience with God after joining the Church of the True Vine. One of the women sits with her little daughter and talks about her job as a nurse and also about getting baptised and baptising her children.

Graham's mother is in the hairdressers having her hair dyed and she talks about how upset she was, knowing about what her son was getting up to with another man. She then talks about how she attended the church occasionally but found it so comforting that she now goes regularly.

Graham gives his opinion on Father Christmas calling him the anti-Christ. Beside him is the young daughter of the woman he is dealing with.

The film closes with the same shot as it began with and includes brief shots of Leslie, Graham, some of the customers and Graham's mother singing and clapping.

Title-Leslie Watson and Graham Fenn

Title-Clients of `House of Change' and members of the True Vine Church, special thanks.


Title-Funded by the National Lottery, Wakefield MDC Museums and Arts

Title-Steve Richards and Judi Alston

A film by One to One Productions

Title-One to One Production, August 1999

Made for A4E Contemporary Video Collection