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YFA 620



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This is a film from the Michael Hobson collection of scouts and cubs from Horsforth in Leeds.  The film includes footage of a Fete day in Horsforth Hall Park.

Title – The Great Brotherhood of Scouts
Presenting – Glimpses of Horsforth Scout & Cub Activities.  4th Airedale Church Parade.

The film begins with Girl Guides leading a parade from out of a church, followed by cubs and then scouts, each headed by a Union Jack flag.  The scouts form themselves into several lines.

Intertitle – St. James’ Cubs first win.

The cubs are milling around before they have a football match against another team of cubs.  Some of the match is filmed.

Intertitle – An Afternoon in the Woods

A group of scouts walk to a wood where they collect sticks to build and then light a fire.  Some of the scouts have some odd headwear put on them.  Two women watch as another fire is made.  They continue through the wood and stop for some lunch.

Intertitle – Akela has a drink   

A young woman, Akela, has a drink of milk out of a bottle, and a scout, or cub, drinks some water.

Intertitle – Cub Cole Cooks

A cub cooks something over a small stove.

Intertitle – Investiture of new recruits.  An important – yet simple – ceremony.

The cubs form a circle and give a salute.  One of them goes into the centre and takes hold of a banner being held by another cub and he is sworn in.  Then the scout leader goes into the centre and the cubs give a two handed salute.

Intertitle – Fete day in Horsforth Hall Park

The cubs are again in a circle in a park, where they perform a game, or games, involving sprinting and hopping on one foot.  The cubs then sit on the ground surrounded by various items (possibly the contents of the bags), which are inspected by scout leaders.  Then a large group of girls, and/or boys, in white shorts and tops, put on an exercise display.  This is followed by a scout leader giving a talk to the scouts as they are seated on the ground.

The End