Film ID:
YFA 1428



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The following film is comprised of two parts: Horse riding in the countryside (possibly in the Yorkshire Dales) and swimming in an outdoor pool.

Two women, one in a brown riding suit and holding a bunch of flowers, one in grey, are in conversation with a man. The brown suited woman mounts a horse, assisted by a man in a bowler hat, followed by the other woman. Two other men enter on horses from off-screen. They seem to be in a drive way area, with a black car to the right of them, a wooden fence and fields behind.

They ride down a country road lined with trees. The camera watches them go for a while before cutting to two horses in a field of buttercups, grazing.

Six people ride horses in a field, forming a circle. Two then gallop alongside each other, and then the rest join so that six are galloping in straight lines.

The film then changes location to a local outdoor swimming pool and a woman diving in. Several people are sat at the sides or walking around. A sign hung over the pool reads "DEPTH 6 FEET". A few people in the pool swim lengths.

The same woman is shown jumping in. She wears a swimming cap and what appears to be either a red or brown swimming costume and seems to perform happily for the camera which follows her. An old lady at the side of the pool combs her hair.