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YFA 12



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This film features large hunts and goes onto show clips from various horse races including a short sequence at Beechers Brook at the Grand National.  More hunt gatherings follow, and the camera follows one horse practising jumping.

Title – The Opening Meet
Belmont Hall

There is a shot of the Hall at which hunters and hounds have gathered. 

Title – Coming into Arley Woods

The hunt continues down a country lane and races across fields. 

Title – Off to a draw

Title – A Morning Ride

There are three girls who ride horses in a field.  They are joined by another child, and together they trot and gallop around the grounds. 

Title – A Merry Christmas

The fields and houses are covered in now.

Title – In contrast to snow scenes…

A garden is shown on a sunny day and in bloom.  There is also a woman who stands by one of the horses.

Title – The Pony club Meet
High Legh Hall

Hounds and hunters on horseback have gathered for the hunt.  There is also a large group of spectators who have gathered.  The hunt begins.

Title – Sunny feels like a bit of fun…

A man gallops on a horse.

Title - …so we try a few jumps.

The man takes the horse over a few small jumps.  Included in this is footage taken in both real time and in slow motion.

(The following intertitles are blurry and hard to distinguish.)
Title – Grand National 1939
Beechers Brook

Riders taking part in the Grand National jump over high hedges.  Many of the horses and riders are unable to make a clean jump over the hurdle. 

Title – Easter at Anglesey

A woman stands by a car.  Two women walk arm-in-arm along a street near the seafront.  Sailboats can also be seen.

Title – Cheshire Point to Points

Title – Weighing up (intertitle unreadable)

Title – Some of the elite in the Paddock

There are shots of the races and men and women at the side-lines.

Title – There go the ladies.

Women riders take part in horse jumping.

Title – The last fence.

Black and white footage of horse racing.

Title – Wirral – Point to Point

There is colour footage of the racing as well as shots of the spectators. 

Title – Mid-Cheshire Polo Club.

Men play a game of polo. 

Title – Evening at Conway.

A man pulls a paddle boat into the water.  The then makes his way over to a yacht.  Other yachts and boats can be seen in the harbour. 

Title – A sign of the times
Sunny does his bit…

Two women ride in a horse-drawn buggy.

Title – Lindy Lou steps out

Another horse and cart.

Title – Off for a ride.

Two women take a horseback ride through the countryside.

Title – His Master’s Voice

A horse runs through a snow-covered field.  It then eats from a grain bag.  This is followed by footage of two men shovelling snow in an attempt to dig out their car.  Children play in the snow, and a few skate on the ice.  This is followed by more footage of horses shot in colour. 

Title – That’s all
To be continued
Good night everybody…